Despite early buzz, RUNNING WILDE fizzled fast and now Entertainment Weekly reports that FOX has declined to pick up the back nine episode order, leaving the total number of produced episodes at 13.

This news, while upsetting for fans of the off-beat comedy starring Will Arnett and Keri Russell, isn’t surprising. Ratings for Running Wilde have been low and FOX took it off the schedule for most of November sweeps, choosing to air Raising Hope repeats instead.

Running Wilde was created by Arrested Development executive producer/creator Arrested Development and focused on a self-centered billionaire (Arnett) as he tried to win back the heart of his environmentalist high school sweetheart (Russell)

According to The Futon Critic, episodes of Running Wilde will return to its usual Tuesday night 9:30pm eastern/8:30pm central timeslot for November 28 and December 30 before moving to Sundays at 7:00pm eastern/6pm central on December 12, 19, and 26. A one hour winter finale will air Tuesday, December 28 at 9:00pm eastern/8pm central.

Will you miss Running Wilde? Why do you think it didn’t catch on? Let us know in the comments.

  • Robert King

    I do and the reason are people are morons who don’t appreciate multi layered humor. That is why Arrested Development wasn’t a hit show.

    • Lotdud

      Yep all people are morons because they don’t have the same interests as you. I bet your the smarted guy at your job infact i bet your the only one who knows what the hell is going on and everyone else are just Morons. But actually in reality many people did like AD and i liked it myself but running wilde sucks the show just isn’t very funny. And sorry to bust your bubble but many shows are multi layer its not a new thing. And are much funnier then AD. Hey guess what the show sucks and i hope its gone for good.

      • Rebuttal5pt0

        Hey Lotdud, if “in reality many people did like AD,” why did it get cancelled? hmm? You see, while most people are NOT morons, some top executives still have unfortunate judgment.

        Besides, Running Wilde could have kept on going, the show had just too big of a budget. This is the same reason Pushing Daisies was cancelled even though people loved it and it one all sorts of awards. Money outweighs popularity.

      • Lotdudisamoron

        “smarted”? fucking cholo!

      • Grdl0ck

        Who knows, maybe you are actually intelligent. I have to say though, your fantastically underwhelming grasp of the english language – and in particular, it’s punctuation rules – leaves me wondering on this count. I’ll bet you’re the ‘smarted’ guy in your class…

  • Maria

    It was like Arrested Development light! The viewer must be quick to understand the humor and lets just face it….most people aren’t. We’ll miss it like we miss Arrested!

  • GS Ren

    I’m a great fan of Arrested Development, but find this show rather disappointing (particularly the last episode). One key difference I noticed between the two shows is that AD had a lot more characters in it- more variety to keep one interested…

    • I agree with you GS Ren. I recently got into Arrested Development and love it. Yet I just couldn’t get into Running Wilde.

    • I agree with both of you. I love Arrested Development but thought this show never quite got to what it was setting out to do. It had its moments, but not enough to keep me coming back.

  • Sparky

    DAMMIT. I loved this show… if only for Peter Serafinowicz. FAWK.

  • GG

    Sad state of affairs. It’s like a “no TV viewer left behind” national program.

  • Jill Wrenbeck

    I love this show. Fox consistently develops GREAT shows but NEVER knows what the hell to do with them. It has been this way for more than a decade. The writers, Arnett and Serafinawicz (Alan Alda, COME ON!) are brilliant and if Fox had promoted, marketed and aired the damn show it would have found a following. Fox brought about its own demise by pulling it and airing reruns of Raising Hope. If they had done the reverse, Raising Hope would never have found an audience, but someone at FOX chose one show over the other early on. Raising Hope is a great show, too, but they both could have made it if equal effort had been put into it. I’m about done with FOX. They’re idiots who’ve let me down one too many times.

  • Clever

    I loved this show!! personally i think it would have done better on FX than Fox… they should just transfer it over there…

  • Natasha

    I think I’ll miss Fa’ad most of all. He was simply vrilliant.

  • Mike

    This show just flat out isn’t funny. I wanted to like it, I really did. The characters/plots were just… mehhh. Some episodes were just god-awful and nigh-unwatchable IMO. And before you tell me I’m just not sophisticated enough to “get it”, I’ll inform you that I’m a HUGE Will Arnett fan, and Arrested Development is my favorite TV comedy of all time. And no, I wasn’t disappointed that this wasn’t another AD. I was disappointed that it wasn’t funny.

  • Ted

    It was a great show. Keri Russell was great.
    It is a shame they are not keeping it running.

  • Mck

    I loved arrested development and think this could have been a great show if not for poor casting. Keri Russell’s character is irritating which makes the premise of him bidding so desperately for her affections uninteresting. nothing personal I just hate the character so I zone out.

  • Argyle

    Arrested Development was hands down one of the top 5 best sitcoms ever. Running Wilde had me so excited that maybe FOX wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. It looks like they will. That is such a shame. Proves how dumbed down people have become.

  • Sarah

    I love this show! It fresh and funny. It’s not a hit because it isn’t filled with sex and violence. I suppose it’s too wholesome… if there is such a thing. 🙁

  • I had rather a soft spot for this show, though I think it’s nowhere near as clever as Arrested Development. I admire that, while most of the characters were (intentionally) unlikeable, the acting was good enough to keep me invested in them. With a little more time, it really could have hit its stride. I’ll miss it!

  • ANN

    It was soooo not funny. I got a kick out of watching it just to see how horrible it was. Not a Kerri Russell role. She was horrible

  • lucy2

    I loved AD too, have seen every episode at least a dozen times and still crack up over it, and am a big fan of all involved here, but it just never clicked for me. And I REALLY wanted it to.
    There were some great moments, and Serafinowicz needs to get be hired by someone immediately, but it just never really worked that well, in my opinion.
    I’m disappointed, especially for those working on the show, but not surprised.

  • Cory Sossamon

    Look, besides the fact that arrested didn’t really get funny until the 10th episode, we need to really on Sunday the 26th to show that we love the show, and if we maybe van get double the viewers (8 mill) they can commission more episodes even though it is canceled at the moment. Imagine at least 22 episodes of this great show, or even the joy of 53.

    • Cory Sossamon

      Who really likes redneck raising hope??? It’s offensive to white Americans.

  • helmut

    Argh! funny as hell, but you have to remeber that it’s not Arrested, so it doesn’t have all those great asects (even though a smarter Gob seems to be the main character in this). Angers me that the less witty (but still kind of funny) Raising hope is going to be continued.

  • sdahn

    Like arrested development the humor was soooo good. It’s such a pity! I really liked this show. I wish they could save it!

  • Chris

    I really tried hard to like this show, but it just didn’t keep me interested enough. Despite the fact that i’m a Will Arnett fan, and Arrested Development follower( now shown in syndication on IFC) it just wasn’t that good, but i would still watch it if they would keep it going. Raising Hope is hilarious, and I was quite shocked on how that show kept me turned in week in, and week out…

  • Jay

    If this show was made in uk it would’ve been an instant hit. British tv is all about the quick wit comedy, thats why i loved arrested development but seems american want the stare at your face humour…fox should have given this show a chance. That faa’d guy is also a british comedian/actor

  • mary milligan

    I really enjoyed this show. A great mindless romp! Very disappointed to hear it was cancelled, can you do anything to bring it back? Please?

  • Rachelnhall

    I will miss this show, my husband and I both enjoyed the show. It was hilarious. Bad Move Fox.

  • Aaa Bbbb

    I really liked Running Wilde and am sorry it was cancelled. But even though I liked it, I might be part of the reason for its cancellation, because I watched it the next day on Hulu. I really can’t take the commercials on network TV, and I used to record shows and fast forward through the commercials. Now I watch them on Hulu. If the Hulu stats are not counted in determining fan base for a show, then I didn’t help Running Wilde to be successful, and I’m sorry for that. I would watch every episode if they would continue it.

  • chwang8

    I would rather watch new episodes than watch a re-run

  • Shayweis

    the worst show i’ve ever seen in my life. it wasnt funny, and it reminded one of those andy richter’s “master pieces” that lasted even less then his last meal. good riddance!

  • Chikasnpink

    i love this show! im sooo mad it got canceled! i liked it better than raising hope and im pissed it got canceled. the characters were laugh out loud funny!! and the whole story line was funny!! the only reason i kept watching after Glee, was to Running Wilde. I always showered during Raising Hope because it’s not nearly as good a Running Wilde.

  • Lotdudisamoron

    Lotdud needs to shut the fuck up robert was right u on the other hand are wrong and came off like a douche so go fuck urself this is a great show its funny as hell guess ur one of the morons robert was referring to drop dead loser!