NCIS: LOS ANGELES “Deliverance” Review


NCIS: LOS ANGELES “Deliverance” Season 2 Episode 10 – As we saw at the end of last week’s episode, Branston was killed and now that he’s dead, everyone is after his little black book. There was a lot going on in this episode, from Kensi being kidnapped to Hetty being played by Mattias, who was pretending to be working for the CIA but really wasn’t.

There was also a lot of guilt being passed around; Hetty wanting to blame herself for Branston’s death (ironic considering she tried to kill him once herself) and then both Deeks and Callen trying to blame themselves for Kensi being taken.

Speaking of Deek and Kensi, I guess I can’t ignore the fact that something is definitely starting to happen between them. At least that’s what it looks like. At first I wanted to deny it, as I didn’t feel them getting together was a good idea. I still don’t think it’s a good idea but I can’t pretend it’s not happening so I had to come out and say it. I like both of their characters and frankly I’d be much more interested in exploring their relationship as partners rather than lovers.

But that one little thing aside, I did enjoy this episode. The story was strong and I liked that Hetty had the book all along, sneaky gal that she is.

My favorite bits..

Sam losing the Champion of The World game because of Deeks’ dog.

Kensi telling Deeks that his dog looked like him. You know, she had a point there. They both did kinda have the same shaggy hair.

Hetty admitting that her fake marriage to Branston was as close as she’d ever gotten to the real thing. Oh, that’s so sad.

Sam asking Hetty if putting heads on spears was what she used to do in the old days.

Kensi reading the lips of the killers but Callen translating what they said into Russian. Nice teamwork.

Mattias getting very nervous when Hetty reached into her pocket to pull out her keys. It’s nice to see her make a guy twice her size nervous.

Callen looking down and seeing that little red dot on his chest. Eek!

The look Callen gave the CIA guy when he told him should always wear a vest.

Eric reminding Sam that it was a *bank* that he was breaking into and perhaps might take a little bit of time.

Laughing when Callen pulled the CIA agent over and used him as cover. I totally knew he was going to do that as soon as he asked if the guy was wearing a vest.

Sam asking the bank lady to call him Tony.

Deeks going all protective and trying to keep Kensi from getting in the car.

Finding out the real reason why Kensi didn’t move. I actually had a feeling it was something like that.

Deeks politely looking away from Kensi’s butt when she slid out from under one of the lasers.

This bit:
Deeks: “You okay?”
Kensi: “I gotta pee.”
Deeks: “I think I just did.”

Hetty admitting to Mattias that she felt relief now that Branston was dead.

Hetty telling Mattias to shoot straight, for both their sakes.

The whole team going after Mattias and threatening everything he owns and loves if anything were to happen to Hetty. Nice!

Hetty’s little grin when she locked up the book. Not a surprise to anyone that she had it all along, right?

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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