MISFITS Season 2 Episode 3

misfits season 2 episode 3

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the upcoming episode of Season 2 of MISFITS Episode 3 which airs on Thursday November 25 on E4.

Episode Synopsis: MISFITS Season 2 Episode 3 – Alisha’s mugged while she’s walking through the estate. Luckily for her, that guy in the mask arrives just in time to save the day. Alisha is determined to learn more about her masked saviour – she has a plan to find him but very quickly finds herself in out of her depth.

Meanwhile, Kelly needs to get her tattoo touched up, and like the true gentlemen they are, Nathan and Simon go along with her for support. Naturally, Nathan manages to offend Vince, the tattooist, by just being himself. Big mistake, Nathan.

MISFITS Show Synopsis: A group of anti social teenagers are sentenced to community service for past mistakes only to find there lives changed after a storm gives them strange new powers and new problems to overcome.

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