HUMAN TARGET “The Wife’s Tale” Advance Review

HUMAN TARGET (FOX) The Wife's Tale

HUMAN TARGET “The Wife’s Tale” Season 2 Episode 2 – In this episode, Chance has to clean up a mess that he made a while ago. The situation forces him to work with a woman who has no reason to trust him, so that he can keep her away from an assassin. When the truth finally come out (as it always does), the woman does something incredibly stupid that puts not only her life in danger, but Chance’s as well.

Meanwhile the other guys on the team are trying to deal with the new girls, each of them in their own way. Winston spends most of the episode worrying and following behind Chance, in order to make sure he isn’t concentrating so hard on fixing his past mistakes that he gets himself killed in the process. But while Winston is doing that, he’s also got Ilsa to deal with, who is beginning to wonder what she’s gotten herself into after she finds out more and more about their current case.

Which leaves Guerrero with Ames, an odd partnership to be sure but then again I really couldn’t see Ilsa following him around either. Guerrero is pretty annoyed by his new shadow but she does help him out at one point, which causes him to warm to her enough to let her watch as he interrogates someone. By the end of the episode the two of them come to an understanding and I can see that they’re going to work well together as a team, at least every once in a while.

Plus their scenes together gave me my most favorite (and only non-spoilery) favorite bit when Ames gives the best description of Gerrero ever..

“What Jay-Z is to rap, what Louis Vuitton is to luggage, he is to torturing the truth out of people.” – Ha! Loved that so much.

Overall I liked this episode of Human Target, perhaps not as much as the first one but it’s probably going to be hard for them to live up to that one, at least for me. There were some nice stunts and I particularly enjoyed a scene where someone jumped on the hood of a speeding car then jumped off the back and fired at it as it drove away from him. Plus there was a truly vicious fight that was impressive as both combatants were particularly skilled. I also got a kick out of seeing Chance show some nice MacGyver type skills to get out of a sticky situation.

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