Colin Ferguson Talks TRIASSIC ATTACK and EUREKA Holiday Special

Eureka Christmas Episode

Syfy and Colin Ferguson seem to have a very happy and productive partnership. In addition to starring as Sherriff Jack Carter in EUREKA, which will air a holiday special on December 7, Colin also recently starred in the network’s original movie Lake Placid 3, and on Saturday, November 27, Syfy will air his film-directing debut, another Syfy original named TRIASSIC ATTACK.

In Triassic Attack, the owner of a souvenir shop in a small Oregon town accidentally brings to life three dinosaur fossils that then terrorize the town and local university. As Colin explained, it’s about “What happens if a giant flying Tyrannosaurus attacks Oregon?”

In Eureka‘s “O Little Town” special holiday episode, Matt Frewer returns as Taggart, who is deep in the study of Santalogy while Carter and Henry (Joe Morton) must deal with a potentially explosive crystal created by GD staff scientist Dr, Noah Drummer (guest star Chris Parnell).

Daemon’s TV was there when Colin answered questions about directing Triassic Attack, what we can expect from the Eureka holiday special, and what he wants to do in the future.

On directing Triassic Attack

Colin got his chance to direct Triassic Attack when he was approached by Syfy to star in Lake Placid 3 and he said he would, but he next wanted to direct a film. He joked that he was surprised at how quickly they agreed, but then said, “The great thing about Syfy is that they keep you working. They want to keep you branded, so to speak.”

The film was shot in Bulgaria, which presented Colin with both challenges and creative freedom. He called shooting there “great,” and called it “down and dirty guerilla film-making.” He explained, “You don’t have all the toys, but you also don’t have anyone looking over your shoulder. You can do what you want.” He also enjoyed the different culture and learning some of the language.

When asked how directing the movie compared to directing episodes of Eureka, Colin said that the biggest differences were that he had a different crew and that with television you have more access to the sets. “Shooting television, you have a shorthand with the crew and can get more bang for your buck. You have more latitude with mistakes. With film, there are no re-shoots. You can really screw up.” He added, “Shooting the film is more like camp where TV is like growing up in a small town.”

As for the final product, Colin said, “I’m proud of it for what it is: a popcorn movie on a Saturday night.” He said he thought dinosaur movies are still popular because “they’re not serious. They’re mindless and sort of fun.”

On the Eureka holiday special

They shot the holiday episode in June, and it was hot, but Colin explained that’s written into the episode. It was also shot just before a five week break, so Colin said the mood was “very festive” and fitting for a Christmas special. This was the tenth episode shot and they had done nine big episodes, so Colin said, “We had no money left” and only six days to shoot it, so he called it a “run and gun” episode, but he’s very happy with it. “It’s really fun. People who’ve seen it say it’s the funniest episode Eureka‘s ever done.”

He teased that the episode “takes on the science of Christmas. If there are reindeer that can fly, how do they fly? How does the sleigh work?” He laughed that this was “Eureka attacking Christmas as only Eureka can” and said “It has a great ending to it.”

Colin was especially thrilled that Matt Frewer came back for the episode. “If anybody embodies Christmas on the set, it’s Matt Frewer,” he said. He explained that Taggart is a Santalogist, intent on proving or disproving Santa Claus while learning everything he can about the jolly old elf.

Colin likes the idea of this being part of Eureka‘s legacy on Syfy and said that the cast talked about how it would air every year.

On guest stars in the second half of Eureka season four

Colin said that both Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton will be around “for a while,” Dave Foley comes in for one episode, and Wallace Shawn will appear in two, about which Colin said, “For me, having Wallace Shawn is a highlight.” About the caliber of guest stars, Colin joked, “Thank god for the recession. Everyone needs to work and we get some terrific guest stars.”

On future career plans

While Colin is happy with his current balance of acting and directing, he said he would really like to start a show from the ground up.

When asked what his dream role would be, Colin answered, “Something big where the budget is enormous and you can see what huge amounts of money can buy.” He was definitely thinking about a movie with big visual effects since he said “I loved Inception. I thought it was great. It made perfect sense to me–I don’t know what everyone else was talking about.”

As for whom he would most want to work with, Colin’s mind first went to directors and he answered, “I’d love to spend some time with any masters of the craft,” naming Chris Nolan as an example.

Colin said he’s thought about what he would be doing if he weren’t acting or directing because he knows “it’s all going to end sometime.” He said, “I would probably go into working charity. I would want to work in something real because I now spend so much time working in artifice, which has a place, but I would want something with human contact.”

Triassic Attack airs on Syfy Saturday, November 27 at 9pm/8 central. The Eureka holiday special “O Little Town” episode airs Tuesday, December 7 at 9pm/8 central and will be directly followed by the Warehouse 13 holiday episode, “Secret Santa” at 10pm/9 central.

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