THE TRIP “Hipping Hall” Review


THE TRIP “Hipping Hall” Episode 4 – In this week’s THE TRIP Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon have some female company around the table and the boys try to impress the only way they know how….bring on the Michael Caine!!!

Last week it was Rob Brydon who seemed to have it all, content with his happy family and popular appeal as Steve ‘AHA’ Coogan cut a rather lonely figure desperately trying to break free of cult TV figure status to become a major Hollywood Leg-End. The tables turn at “Hipping Hall” as Coogan suddenly appears to have become irresistible to the opposite sex. There must be something in the scallops!

Joined for dinner by the Spanish photographer Yolanda and Coogan’s PA the boys now have an audience. Brydon comes across as the nerdy younger brother kicking off with his best Ronnie Corbett impression followed by Bruce Forsyth and Al Pacino while Coogan, in his best tweed jacket, takes every opportunity to roll his eyes disapprovingly trying to appear engaging.

I think this episode needs to be seen in context of the whole series because taken on its own it would be interpreted that Coogan has an embarrassingly high opinion of himself. The young photographer (who if you haven’t seen it looks a bit like a Julianne Moore…with a Spanish accent) has already fallen victim to the Coogan charm in a bit of post photo shoot frollocking while his PA also appears to carry a flame for him.

While Rob goes down in a ball of flames attempting to serenade the PA with a rendition of ‘Why, Why, Why Delilah’ ala Tom Jones (cringe!) Steve is exchanging meaningful looks and flirty banter with Yolanda.

I think the episode is more to give Coogan (the character) his moment in the sun. To show that his life may be littered with casual drug use and sexual encounters but that ultimately it is a lonely and vacuous existence….At least I hope this is the way Coogan (the writer and producer) will take The Trip because otherwise the last two episodes could become a bit of a drag.

What did you think of The Trip? Ever serenaded a date with a Tom Jones number? Did it work? Let me know in the comment box below!

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