TERRIERS “Quid Pro Quo” Advance Review

TERRIERS Sins of the Past

TERRIERS “Quid Pro Quo” Season 1 Episode 12 – This episode delves deeply into the Ocean Beach conspiracy that’s been a part of the show since the first case we saw Hank and Britt work on, when his friend was murdered. Well we finally find out what all the hoopla is about and why Zeitlin was interested in contaminated land. I can’t say what it’s about but I can say it’s big, so big that it sends everything off in an entirely new direction.

About halfway through this episode, I was ready to write a review that would have said it was all about the conspiracy stuff and not much else. Sure there were some interesting twists and turns along the way – Hank and Britt fight a little bit, Hank and Britt make up and banter, Hank and Britt work together with the lady Hank protected from Zeitler on Gretchen’s wedding day, Hank works the case from another interesting angle – it was a good, but pretty normal Terriers episode.

That was right up until about the last ten minutes. At that point something happens that had me gasping out loud, like literally, hand to my mouth, gasping. I can’t say what it was obviously, but with that one scene, the whole mood of the episode changed. Heck, the whole mood of the series changed, at least for me. Things got a lot more serious and after that, there were a few more small surprises that ended with Hank doing something that has me very worried for him and everyone around him.

Overall I found this episode tense, well the last half of it at least, and I’m very happy that I already have the last episode in my hot little hands so I can watch it right away and see what happens next. I know that Hank and Britt are experts at getting themselves into (as well as out of) all kinds of trouble, but when the final credit rolled on this one I honestly had no clue how they were going to get out of the mess they’re in now. I’m going to be both happy and sad to pop that last episode into my DVD player, happy to find out how the season ends but sad to know I’ll have to wait until a season 2 of Terriers (which I sincerely hope there will be) for more.

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