RAISING HOPE “Meet the Grandparents” Review

RAISING HOPE (FOX) Meet the Grandparents

RAISING HOPE “Meet the Grandparents” Episode 9 – Jimmy decides he wants Thanksgiving to be more than “the only Thursday of the year we don’t work” for Hope in the “Meet the Grandparents” episode of RAISING HOPE.

Now, this is a Thanksgiving episode. Family, friends, kidnappings, exploding turkey, and possibly the best blessing ever (“What up, God?”). Plus we learn important lessons: “Trying is the first step to sucking” and “I had him really young. I don’t recommend it.” Ha!

Jimmy certainly knows how to make a first impression to “Dr. Dumbass and his nutball wife.” “I’m the guy who impregnated your daughter before she was electrocuted.” Now, that’s macabre. I was afraid Dale and Margine were too over the top at first, but they settled down and the role playing with Burt as pretty, pretty girl (with medium boobies) Lucy is terrific, especially since Burt stays in character so long. “I know she said her crimes weren’t my fault, but that was probably your husband talking” So nice to see Valerie Mahaffey and Greg Germann, though Jimmy says it best at the end about his parents and friends gathered around the table: “These people are your real family, not the people who kidnapped you… twice.”

Oh, Virginia, never change. Handy with a television drunk or sober, loyal to her family, and able to immediately assess a situation (“Did those sons of bitches steal our baby?”), she’s one of my all-time favorite TV moms. “I’m allowed to criticize you! I made you! You’re MY mistake!” Burt is as awesome as ever, too, but who would have thought Burt and Virginia would be the stable grandparents. “Are we seriously being judged by the parents of a serial killer?”

I like that we’re starting to see more of the recurring characters. Of course Barney would have a Paula Deen apron and spend his Thanksgiving at the grocery store. Nice HIMYM reference with “Go for Barney,” too. Javier and Marcus are all kinds of adorable with Woolworth-working segregationist Maw Maw, and Shelley is simply awesome. Love how she sticks out her tongue at Vrginia’s “The grown-ups are talking now, hon” and especially the sing-along: “Senoritas are thankful for senors/Charlie Sheen is thankful for his whores.”

I knew the Maw Maw eating her shaving cream scene was coming, but I was still horrified–simultaneously laughing and gagging because that wasn’t whipped cream. It was actual shaving cream and Cloris Leachman apparently ate a ton of it. Maw Maw is all kinds of crazy fun tonight, throwing food around and putting Barney in a headlock. “I don’t know what she’s talking about but she keeps making me look at napkin with her snot in it”

As always, the absurd touches add so much to Raising Hope: from the graham cracker house (I’m so making one) and Jimmy chipping ice out of the freezer to make room to the five second rule applying (or not) to that disgusting turkey and Maw Maw’s coffin being the table. The sweet moments with Jimmy and Sabrina and, of course, Baby Hope balance out the show. Turkey handprints out of pizza grease: sweet AND absurd–see what I mean about balance?

What were your favorite moments or lines? Please post them in the comments.

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