NCIS “Enemies Domestic” Review

NCIS "Enemies Domestic"

NCIS “Enemies Domestic” Season 8 Episode 9 – I’ll admit, I really didn’t expect to like this episode much, not after I found out it was basically all about Leon. It wasn’t because I disliked his character or anything; it’s just that he wasn’t one of my favorites and I never found myself carrying much about him either way.

Well after this episode, I’m thinking I may just change my mind about him. It’s not necessarily because he had this huge storyline that impressed me or anything like that. I just feel like I know him a little better now and I care more about people I know. Over the years, we’ve learned a little bit about his character here and there, but in this episode we got to see how he got started with NCIS, how he met Eli David , how he met Gibbs – that’s a lot of background and like I said, I enjoyed delving into his past more than I thought I would.

I also liked how lots of stories were tied together with that one case and all because one man wanted to make it to director one day and was trying his best to manipulate everyone he could to make that happen. Sending Leon off to get killed (which didn’t work of course), then sending Gibbs off to kill the man that was supposed to have killed Leon – they were connected in ways they never knew.

As for Ziva and her father, it appears they’ve made amends, which I think is good. Ziva always loved her father, even if she didn’t understand him very well, and I’m happy to see them reconciled.

My favorite bits..

Leon listening to Tupac.

Leon putting Gibbs in charge and telling him he trusted him.

McGee herding all the retired agents.

McCallister telling McGee to shut up and Gibbs denying him permission to smack McGee with his cane. Damn, that’s one grumpy guy.

The look on Gibbs’ face when McCallister mentioned it wouldn’t be the first time Eli tried to kill Vance.

Tony telling Ducky he should have hung a sock on the door and Ducky replying there was no knob. LOL.

Abby calling McGee “McGyver” and then Tony being sorry he didn’t come up with it first. That does seem like something he should have called McGee a long time ago.

McGee getting the wrong definition of “scat” in Tony’s mind.

McGee telling Ziva not to “Gibbs-up” the clicker. LOL, I like that his name is a verb now.

Abby asking how many people knew how to build a claymore and half the room raising their hands.

Gibbs reminding Vance what “that tube” was for.

Wondering how in the world Gibbs did get that knife past security.

Finally finding out who Gibbs shot in that flashback we’ve all seen for years now.

Vance putting Gibbs’ knife to good use.

Seeing the moment that Gibbs and Leon met and finally finding out what that whole ‘danish’ conversation was about.

McGee and Tony giving their condolences to Liat and Malachai because they remember what it was like to lose a teammate. Aw, nice reference to Kate there.

Eli and Ziva’s goodbye.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Did you like getting a little background on Vance? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from

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