BONES Season 5 DVD Review

Bones Season 5 DVD

Chances are, if you’re buying the DVD for the 5th season of BONES, you’ve probably seen all of the episodes in it as well as all previous season. But if not, or if you’re planning on renting it and not sure if you want to, let me say that you definitely should. This season was one of my favorites, with lots of interesting cases to solve and plenty going on in the “will they/won’t they?” storyline between Booth and Bones.

This DVD set of course has every episode from the 5th season, as well as quite a few bonus features, including:

Extended Episodes:
– The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken
– The X in the Files

– “The Proof in the Pudding” with Tamara Tayloer, TJ Thyne, John Francis Daley and Michaela Conlin
– “The Beginning in the End” with Hart Hanson, Stephen Nathan and Ian Toynton

– The 100th Episode with Director David Boreanaz
– The Bodies of Bones
– The Nunchuck Way

Deleted Scenes

Gag Reel

My favorite part of any special feature set is a gag reel so it’s no surprise to say that it was my favorite in this DVD, too. Every time I watch gag reels it’s like opening a little nugget of happiness covered in sprinkles. They make me giggle and I love how they give us a little taste of the actors behind the characters.

Plus, I actually learned some stuff from watching this one, like..

TJ and Tamara apparently shouldn’t have any scenes together because they set each other off into giggle fits like you wouldn’t believe.

John Francis Daley makes the best faces when he screws up.

There may be more going on between John, TJ and Joel than what we see on screen.

My second favorite special feature was The 100th Episode with Director David Boreanaz featurette as I’m a huge, huge fan of the behind the scenes stuff. I’m fascinated by what it takes to create what we see on screen and getting to see bits and pieces of how they shot an entire episode from pre-production to shooting, to the wrap party – every bit of it was awesome and I liked getting to feel like I was part of the crew for a little while. They could do one of these for each DVD, letting us watch the creation of an episode from beginning to end, and I’d be a very happy camper.

The Nunchuck Way Featurette was also tons of fun as we got to see how T. J and Pej prepared for the episode where Hodgins and Vaziri do an experiment with nunchucks to see if they were used as a murder weapon. Neither of them were very good at using the weapons when they started out and the results were pretty hilarious, if painful, to the guys. By the end though, they both had them down and I liked seeing what went into that one scene of the show.

The Bodies of Bones featurette was.. interesting. They said that for some people, the bodies are a draw for them to watch the show but oh man, that’s so not me. Usually I have to look away when they show the bodies. So an entire feature about how they make the bodies look disgusting, including testicles, etc? Yeah, not my favorite thing in the world to see but then again, I found it a lot more interesting than I thought I would. They must be doing it right, considering how ill they make me on a weekly basis. It’s also good to know that I’m not the only one who feels that way, since it appears that most of the cast is grossed out by them too.

Overall I would consider the Bones Season 5 DVD a must-add for anyone who is a fan of the show. You can get your own copy on Amazon (Season 5 is also available on Blu-ray).

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