THE WALKING DEAD “Vatos” Season 1 Episode 4 – I have always been of the opinion that an averge episode/movie/novel can be salvaged by a great ending, and that theory would certainly apply to this uneven and at times bewildering episode of The Walking Dead.

There were many things that did not make a whole lot of sense, like why, exactly, did the Atlanta gang run back to the camp instead of hijacking another vehicle-for example the bus which was right beside them when they realized their van was missing. And even though it was Amy’s birthday, why was no one on lookout, especially when several members of the camp were in Atlanta. Why is the one-time janitor acting like a gang member and risking his life, the lives of his gang members and thus the lives of the elderly in the nursing home by threatening a gun battle with Rick Grimes’ gang, instead of simply making allies and swapping guns and ammo.

But the best thing about this episode was the death of several unnecessary characters and some half decent action as a hoard of zombies raided the camp, probably brought in by Merle, which, if that turns out to be the case, also defies logic.

I was not saddened by the death of Amy. One, her lack of agility as a zombie with the speed of an arthritic ninety year old chomps off a bit of her arm was just lame, plus there was the earlier fishing conversation with her sister which included the lines: “Because he knew we were so different!” “You need to catch the fish, and I need to throw them back!” Followed shortly with: “There’s the fish!”

Let me backtrack. I thought the entire journey into Atlanta went nowhere and served only to make me wish Glen was the protagonist, not Rick. Rick is too much of a straight man-he is so grave and somber that trying to relate to him is an effort I don’t particularly feel like making. Glen on the other hand, pizza boy extraordinaire, has the humor, the charms and the gumption to warrant lead character status.

One of Rick’s weaknesses has to be his family. His son basically has zero personality, doing whatever the adults tell him to do, and his wife, played by Sarah Wayne Callies, who was so bland on Prison Break is even worse here. His whole goal in life is (apparently, despite his trip to Atlanta) to protect his wife and son. This is a problem, I’m not particularly bothered about his wife and son.

I was interested in the psychic guy, though he seems quite random and his introduction was quite out of place. All in all, I thought the final five minutes redeemed the prior almost wholly unmemorable forty minutes. Though I still think every female character is utterly useless and forgettable.

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