LIE TO ME “Veronica” Advance Review

LIE TO ME (FOX) Veronica

LIE TO ME “Veronica” Season 3 Episode 7 – After the complete and utter disappointment that was last week’s episode to me, this one managed to clear away all the bad and replace it with nothing but good. Special guest star Annette O’Toole was a big part of that, giving a truly beautiful performance as a woman with Alzheimer’s who needs Cal’s help.

I know we all like our Cal tough, but it’s when she shows his slightly softer side that I fall in love with his character even more. He gets to do that a lot in this episode, treating Veronica ever so gently as he tries to find a way to sort through the confusion of her memories to get to the truth about an incident in her past that might be connected with a possible danger in the present.

But don’t think for one moment that badass Cal is absent in this one, because he’s not. When someone needs his help, Cal is like a vicious attack dog and what I liked was how easily he went from being sweet and caring one minute when he was dealing with Veronica, to growling and pissing people off the next. He’s got a rare talent to be able to do both so well.

There were also a couple of really nice scenes between Cal and Eli in this one and while I can’t give away what part Eli plays in the case, I can say that I’m getting happier and happier by the moment to see where the relationship between the two of them seems to be going.

Overall I found this to be the perfect antidote to how I felt after watching last week’s episode of Lie To Me, and I’m once again happily looking forward to the next.

A few of my (non-spoilery) favorite bits.

Foster apparently knows Cal’s “porn face”.

Jim Beaver from Supernatural, who I love as Bobby on that show, does a great job as Veronica’s brother.

Eli ends up with one hell of a shiner at one point.

Cal refers to a woman’s breasts as “dead-heat in a zeppelin race”.

John Diehl, who was always great in Miami Vice, has a nice guest-starring role.

At one point, Cal says animosity is “like oxygen” to him. LOL, yeah big surprise there, right?

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