Jorge Garcia Cast In J.J. Abrams Pilot ALCATRAZ

Jorge Garcia

Jorge Garcia and J.J. Abrams will reunite in Fox’s drama ALCATRAZ, which is slated to begin shooting in January.

Garcia began his TV career in the CBS comedy Becker, and was then cast as a series co-star on Lost, playing the loveably Hugo “Hurley” Reyes. Like his casting experience on Lost, Garcia is the fist person cast for the Alcatraz pilot and will play Dr. Diego Soto, the world’s expert on Alcatraz.

The story follows a group of missing Alcatraz prisoners and guards that turn up in present day, and about the FBI team who are attempting to track them down and figure out the details behind their disappearance thirty years ago.

The final version of Alcatraz was written by Elizabeth Sarnoff, with earlier drafts by Steven Lilen and Bryan Wynbrandt. The project was bought from Abrams’ Bad Robot Prods. and Warner Bros. by Fox, with a pilot slated to premiere mid-September.

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