HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Blitzgiving” Review


HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Blitzgiving” Season 6 Episode 10 – What did you think of tonight’s episode? The bar was set pretty high as How I Met Your Mother typically has epic Thanksgiving episodes (Slapsgiving anyone?). Add that to the fact that Jorge Garcia (or Hurley as I like to call him) is guest starring and I figured were were in for a classic episode of HIMYM. I was right.

Barney: I Loved watching Barney deal with being The Blitz (Aww Man!). My favorite moment with Barney as The Blitz was when the top hat flipped onto the Turkey which made everyone exclaim “The Gentleman”! Blitzgiving made me want to buy a top hat and play The Gentleman with a crowded bar. I was actually anticipating Barney to have a serious reunion with his father in “Blitzgiving”, but I guess that would have been too similar to last year’s Thanksgiving episode which featured Lily and her dad. I’m glad they kept it light this year.

Robin: I think I have a girl crush on Robin. Any girl that spends a big night out and then wakes up in full Kiss makeup is alright by me. I thought it was hilarious that she had a crush on the ‘wang guy’. That must have been a flattering text back.

Marshall: The above picture pretty much sums up why Marshall is so awesome. He’s always so enthusiastic. Like when Zoey dares to take a random picture of his wang and send it to a stranger. He didn’t even pause lol. I think if I had to pick one character to be locked in an elevator with from HIMYM it would be Marshall. Who would be yours?

Lily: My favorite Lily moment of the night was when she stole the Turkey from Zoey’s house (after a failed attempt to steal her scarf). The fact that Zoey got along so well with the girls made me think again that she would be good dating material for Ted. What do you think? Would Zoey make a good addition to the group?

Ted: My favorite story line of the night was the passing of ‘The Blitz’ curse with Jorge Garcia. I feel like Ted is typically the most down and out one of the group anyway so I thrilled when he passed the curse on to Barney. I caught two Lost references from Jorge (the ‘random numbers’ he came up with to phone Wang Guy and he also made a comment about living on an island). Were there any more? Based on the comments from last week, I agree we can rule Zoey out from being the mom Ted is supposed to meet his wife at the wedding. That being said, I still like the two of them together. They have something in my opinion.

So once again, HIMYM has set a high bar for itself for future Thanksgiving episodes. Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, “Blitzgiving”!

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