FAMILY GUY “Brian Writes A Bestseller” Review


FAMILY GUY “Brian Writes A Bestseller” Season 9 Episode 6 – Brian’s latest venture into the publishing world has failed. It would seem that the onl successful books are the bad ones so he writers a self help book called Wish It, Want It, Do It.

Stewie uses his contacts to get Brian a publishing deal with Penguin Publisher’s which is run by an actual penguin. “You wanna get a book published, don’t you?” The penguin says to Hot Blonde Chick. “Well, if you wanna be in black and white, black and white’s gotta be in you.”

Unfortunately for Stewie, whilst he services Brian’s every whim and need as his agent, Brian allows the power to get to his head and he becomes a bona fide diva. He insults and pouts and throws tantrums at every turn: he wants Stewie to become his pimp, he encourages Stewie to arrange airplane seats away from Japanese people, he even at one point causes Stewie to burst into tears when Stewie books a dinner table in the back room of a restaurant.

The episode climaxed with a roundtable on Real Time with Bill Maher, featuring an exchange of insults between Brian and Arianna Huffington, along with Bill Maher destroying his book’s integrity and both Huffington and Maher berating Brian like a, well, like a dog.

I loved the idea of Brian’s book, complete with 50 blank pages so you can write in your own wishes and wants-it’s Bill Maher who points out that two of the three objectives of his title mean the exact same thing. Of course it was a classic episode the moment Bill Maher’s roundtable appeared on screen though personally, I thought the best part of the episode involved the perverted penguin of Penguin Publishers.

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