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CSI: MIAMI “On The Hook” Season 9 Episode 7 – So… does it appear to anyone else that Horatio may finally have snapped and possibly thrown out a slew of different ethic codes and whatnot? I understand that H has always been more, shall we say, passionate about his job than the rest of the CSI team, but this week? I think Horatio has pushed limits a little too far.

This week on CSI: MIAMI the team is attempting to protect a fisherman who was very nearly killed by a sniper while out on his boat. I (like always) thought that I had the entire episode figured out within the first 15 minutes, but turns out that I was WAY off.

I was convinced it was Webb’s business partner, and was legitimately surprised when the case didn’t circle back around to him as the killer. It would’ve been a good story line, the way the episode played out in my head.

Instead of business being the motive, our killer was after something much more universal – money. One of Webb’s clients was attempting to off the bookie, and was using some pretty sketchy means of doing so.

As a parole officer, I’m pretty sure soliciting murder and attempting to sleep with your charges is frowned upon. So, while I understand Perkins was the bad guy – did it warrant Horatio throwing him (literally) out of a window? In front of other officers? How has this guy not been reported yet?!

In every season of CSI: Miami Horatio has been a little high strung, and acts first, asks questions later, especially when there it is even HINTED at that a woman might be in danger. However, he had Perkins subdued with his gun pointed at him – throwing him out of a window seemed a little… much.

We’ve sort of seen Horatio becoming more and more physical with suspects in the last episodes, and I’m wondering if this is a conscious move by the writers that we’re just going to have to get used to (and may possibly be leading somewhere? Like anger management??) or if I’m reading too much into it.

Aside from Horatio’s temper, the episode was entertaining, had twists, turns, and even showed sympathy for its male victims, which is something that CSI: Miami usually lacks.

What say you?

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