MERLIN “The Sorcerer’s Shadow” Review

MERLIN The Sorcerer's Shadow

MERLIN “The Sorcerer’s Shadow” Season 3 Episode 11 – A young man named Gilli is robbed of his sword outside of Camelot. What the thieves do not realize (or anyone else, for that matter, except of course Merlin) is that he is in possession of an enchanted ring, inherited from his father. Gilli is determined to win the tournament, which he will with the aid of magic.

As the tournament progresses, Uther and Arthur will face each other in the semi finals. Meanwhile, Gilli’s conscience gets the best of him when he kills one of the thieves in battle, the first time he has ever killed a man.

The stereotype of Merlin the sorcerer from legends is a sage old man who uses his wisdom just as much, if not more, than his magic to help others. Merlin is proving himself just that: the sage boy, guiding others to the ‘right’ path, without, as was the case with this episode, using his magic to manipulate their decisions. Well, almost. this goes awry when Gilli continues to compete for glory’s sake.

Colin Morgan is doing such a good job as Merlin that his confrontation with Gilli-when he actually reveals his magical powers to this lad off the street-was both incredibly frustrating (em…Morgana didn’t deserve to learn she was not alone, but some stranger off the streets does?) and psychologically revealing: Merlin is loyal to the king, putting the king’s will and health above those of his kind.

The ending was fairly predictable, and once again Colin Morgan’s charm as Merlin must be complimented. Without such charm, Merlin’s righteousness runs the risk of making him one of the most annoying character on television.

The father son relationship gulf between Uther and Arthur closed. Uther admits to knowing that Arthur threw the fight so the king might save face, making Uther aware that Arthur is ready to become king. Burn, Morgana, burn.

It was a tad repititious, the plot of Merlin saving the king once again from someone who wants to do him harm because of the unjust purges of magic is tiresome and just saved from dullness by an energetic cast. What did you think of this episode? Sound off in the comments below!

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