MEDIUM “The People in Your Neighborhood” Review

MEDIUM "The People in Your Neighborhood"

MEDIUM “The People In Your Neighborhood” Season 7 Episode 9 – Allison wakes up to a totally unpleasant dream: a man who raped a teenage girl has moved into her neighborhood. This introduces them to more nervous parents around the neighborhood who are organizing a meeting.

Medium is forked as a family drama and a crime drama and, typically, it works best on both fronts. This was certainly the case with this episode. Joe is getting some encouragement at work, and his boss forces him to miss the meeting: “Hey, I know you. Didn’t you used to be my husband? Didn’t we use to do things together like go to community meetings about sex offenders who live on our block?”

Of course the crime drama prong took a brilliant turn when Allison has a dream revealing that the sex offender is innocent: his pupil, a wonderful Tracy Flick-like character, is so determined to be valedictorian that she hacks his emails and frames him for rape when he dares give her a B for her essay.

But the plot thickens when the chairwoman of the neighborhood watch meeting’s sixteen year old daughter is kidnapped. At first I thought perhaps the kidnapping was a fake, that the high strung neighborhood watch lady orchestrated it so suspicion would turn to the sex offender and he would be forced to flee…then my suspicions were squashed when she is found dead, stabbed sixteen times (one for every year she was alive. Reading Seamus Heaney much?)

College is getting to Allison. Her lack of a degree irks her, and when Joe tells her that he is going to business school, even though the only thing standing between her and becoming ADA is her lack of a law degree. These shortcomings in life aren’t necessary to the plot, but it is what separates Medium from quality flops like the CSI shows.

The teacher was not guilty, and at least he was harmless. When he is wrongly accused, he hangs himself. The empty house brings a stalker called Dale. Dale is actually dangerous: a stalker, who will help nail Suzanna for her stepdaughter’s murder.

Coincidences rarely feel convenient in the hands of the skilled writing and acting of Medium. I shall miss it when it is gone.

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