CSI: NY “Justified” Review

CSI-NY "Justified" (CBS)

CSI: NY “Justified” Season 7 Episode 9 – When the impersonator of the Chief Carver (John Laroquette)’s sister is found beaten, shot and dumped in the Hudson, the case is reopened and many musical montages ensue as the bullet is extracted and put under the microscope. Oh, foolish killer. You left something behind. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

This episode would have been one of the better CSI: NY episodes if not for one scene. This occurred nearing the fifteen minute mark and it was just about the dumbest thing CSI: NY has ever done. Some tough guy, after shooting at Danny and Flack (why was Danny, the science guy, there?) basically challenges them to a wrestling match like some school bully. There were about a dozen NYPD guys chilling out back, but sure, wrestling match against thug with gun, sounds like fun. The thug soon enough confesses to the murder of the girl. He was rather proud of it. I had sort of lost all respect for Danny and Flack (good job, writers) so I was sort of hoping the thug would reach across the table and choke them both to death.

There was also a scene where Gary Sinise is forced to say the line: “I’ll handle the consequences. I want the truth.” He knows the Chief is responsible because of the way he looked at the body. Jo encourages him to wait until they can gather more evidence to pin the Chief to the crime.

However, it turns out that Carver did not kill his sister: rather, his sister was murdered by her own son, who wanted to protect his younger brother and sister from their mother’s cruel abusiveness.

It was a good episode, though ending with a wedding and Chief Carver smiling despite his life’s work being stripped from him was a tad saccharine.

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