BLUE BLOODS “Re-Do” Review


BLUE BLOODS “Re-Do” Season 1 Episode 9 – After watching this week’s episode, I’m realizing that one of the things I like most about it is how much it makes me think. Disgusting, evil people being allowed to walk free because someone didn’t do a piece of paperwork right? The laws are there to protect the people but sometimes they protect the criminals instead. Yet to take away their rights, we could be taking away our own someday. It’s a double edged sword.

Erin’s solution to have one guy locked up based on the testimony of two psychologists made me just as uncomfortable. I could see how the ramifications of one piece of bad paperwork could lead her to that decision. The fact that it could set a precedent to violate someone’s human rights and have them locked up against their will, it seemed just as bad as allowing a psycho to go free.

I wish I could say that the show also made me dream up a miraculous solution to the problem, but it didn’t. However I do still enjoy that it makes me think about these things. It might help me the next time I’m sitting in a voting booth and trying to decide who and what deserves my vote.

As for the Templar storyline; I’m sorry but it felt like the whole show just stopped when Jamie was working on it. They can add all the mysterious music they want, but watching someone look up stuff on a computer screen still isn’t cutting it for me.

My favorite bits…

Danny and Jackie standing by to watch the creep get off his bus and sign autographs?? Seriously, some people must be very messed up to be “fans” of someone like that.

Danny telling Reed that it was good he studied about the penal code, being a rapist and all.

All the passing of the buck that happened at the press briefing. I especially liked the councilwoman blaming the police for using too much DNA and not enough “good old fashioned police work”. What? Doesn’t police work include any means at their disposal to convict someone?

Becky telling Erin she wanted Reed “out of here” and pointing to her head. That was an awesome line.

Danny’s violent reaction to Reed mentioning Erin’s name.

Jamie reasonably pointing out to the husband that scaring his wife wasn’t the way to show her he loved her. That was great.

The very significant look Frank gave the adults at the table when he told his grandson that he didn’t do anything wrong. Suddenly I saw them all as little kids in trouble with daddy.

Danny telling the serial killer fanboy to get used to being touched in jail.

Being completed disgusted when Reed’s sister tried to defend her brother, even as Jackie was untying the extension cords that bound her to the bed. Are you freaking kidding me???

Cheering when Frank used some “good old fashioned police work” to find out that the councilwoman had been misappropriating fund. Yeah!

Knowing that it wasn’t Reed, but Ratchet, in Becky’s house and practically fainting in relief when Danny and Jackie got there just in time.

Freaking out when I saw that it was Reed pushing the mop outside Erin’s office.

Erin having the sense of mind to take off her heels so they wouldn’t make any noise on the floor. Smart girl.

Frank getting there in time to blow away Reed and save his daughter’s life. And here I thought we’d never see Frank do anything but make speeches and push papers. I loved that it was him who got to save Erin.

Frank’s obvious pride when reporting that the Assistant DA was back at her desk, working.

What did you think of this episode Blue Bloods? What did you think of the idea of criminals getting out because of paperwork issues? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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