The Office

THE OFFICE “WUPHF.COM” Season 7 Episode 9 – My first thought about THE OFFICE this week: WAY TO GO ANGELA!! It’s been far too long for her to waiting around, chasing after Dwight (really? Dwight?!), and Angela is far too strong a character to waste her time.

I ABSOLUTELY loved that she voided their contract and gave him back his punch card. Hopefully she’ll move onto Mr. Hay Maze… I don’t think they ever said what his name was. While I liked watching the Angela/Dwight romance, I think it’s pretty much time for her to move on.

On that same note – How does DWIGHT get all of these girls?

Regarding the rest of the episode, I didn’t hate it! While it wasn’t as funny as some of the episodes this season, I feel that it went further into the story lines than we’ve seen in a while. I also liked that it was actually shot in the office (if you read this weekly, you know that I’m anti-moving the gang out of the office all the time). There were moments – Dwight’s hay maze, Jim’s prank on Gabe, which felt like early seasons of The Office.

As ridiculous as I found Jim’s prank to be, I understand that was the point… and well, Gabe sort of deserved it.

What I REALLY like is watching how Pam and Michael’s relationship has changed since The Michael Scott Paper Company. It’s nice to have at least ONE person that can get through to Michael when he’s being ridiculous.

Ryan redeemed himself a little in my eyes this week as well. Selling WUPHF (even just the domain name) was something that I don’t think Ryan would have done in the past, but in the end he made the right decision, which proved Michael right.

Personally, I think WUPHF is a decent idea (sue me, I like being connected) and would probably invest if asked.

All in all, “” was a decent episode of The Office. Not my favorite, but not the worst I’ve seen! What are your thoughts?

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