THE GOOD GUYS “Supercops” Review


THE GOOD GUYS “Supercops” Episode 18 – Dan tries to solve the “crime of the century” so Jack won’t leave him for the strike force in the “Supercops” episode of THE GOOD GUYS, letting his loin tickles lead him to whatever feels crime-y.

This isn’t my favorite installment of The Good Guys (That would be “Don’t Tase Me, Bro”), but it’s hard to argue with an episode that starts with a chase set to “Spirit in the Sky” and ends with Dan saying to the head strike force supercop, “Hey, Shaw? You suck.” Add in some fun guest stars (24‘s Morris, Justified‘s US Attorney David Vasquez, and Burn Notice‘s Victor in one episode? Bliss.) and a surprising lesson on justice, Dan Stark-style, and I’m a happy camper.

So much of The Good Guys is just plain silly, in the vest possible way, like Dan greasing himself up to go through a doggie door or Julius’s endless pile of random leads I love Dan thinking falafels are drugs , but what on earth did he think correlation meant? Pervert thing? Huh? I’m not sure I want to know–kind of like I was thrilled to get a commercial so I didn’t have to hear the end of “Crime is like a woman. When she wants your attention, you have to pull your gun out and….”

Once again, Dan’s instinct for all things crime-y is impressive and should be treated as such, birthday clown Mr. Jelly the non-human trafficker notwithstanding. “Hey, grasshopper, here’s an insight. Sometimes criminals lie.” Indeed, which is why it’s always best to not ignore Dan’s creepy tingly loin feelings and to never forget that at his core, he’s a cop who cares more about busting punks than his career. “Here’s what happened: the strike force busted some diamond thieves who stole some diamonds, we busted two truck thieves who stole a truck, and the owner of a jewelry store who very much deserved an ass kicking got his ass kicked.”

As much fun as this episode is, I also like the (slightly) more serious focus on Jack and Dan’s partnership. It’s a nice bit of continuity that Jack would have applied for the strike force months before and the difference in his reaction to the interview now compared to what it would have been back then is impressive. Sure he tries to stay focused like Ana and Liz tell him to, but how can he when Dan is like “a wounded puppy who’s pissed at being wounded?” Love that they hired a dog instead of Jack, too. Go, Digger!

Has the bromance/HoYay angle always been this overt? “Grease me up,” “One of the village people wants to buy a ring for his boyfriend,” “If I were a lover of men and you were my man lover, I would never buy you a ring from this store,” “Because I’m cheating on him with the strike force.” Hee. I’m not complaining, mind you–it just seemed less subtle than in past episodes.

Favorite lines: “Every time I drove a truck through the wall of a restaurant, I had a damn good reason,” “No doubt Dan was wrong to do whatever it was he was trying to do with that battering ram,” “You know what they don’t do? They don’t cover each other in motor oil.,” “I’m proud of my willingness to lubricate myself in the cause of justice,” “No, this is Jack’s phone. Could you not call? I’m trying to get my jam on here,” “I need to be sure you haven’t been contaminated.”

Nice mix of silly and serious tonight. The Jack-Liz relationship is drama free and happy, Jack makes a conscious decision to be with Dan, and Julius, Samantha, and Ana are all accounted for. All is right in The Good Guys land.

What were your favorite parts of the episode? Does anyone else want a neon sign that says Crime-y?

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