THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Boyfriend Complexity” Review

The Big Bang Theory

THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Boyfriend Complexity” Season 4 Episode 9 – Leonard’s pining for Penny is forgotten when she ropes him into playing-boyfriend for the benefit of her visiting father. Meanwhile, Sheldon adjusts the roommate agreement to fit the seemingly renewed relationship. Howard and Bernadette hang out with Raj during his night controlling a powerful space telescope – with unexpected results.

This episode had two great premises and an excellent guest star in Keith Carradine, but it felt flat to me. There were no laugh out loud moments, even with the overdone accidental kiss between Howard and Raj. I don’t know why it wasn’t all that funny to me. Maybe I just adore Sheldon’s one liners or was waiting for something more to happen with either storyline.We were never really introduced to Penny’s father – we weren’t even told why he was in town – and he seemed to be nothing more than a plot device to get Penny and Leonard smooching. And Howard, Bernadette and Raj just jumped from hellos to drunkenness to the kiss, although they fared better in the humor stakes.

While by no means a bad episode, “The Boyfriend Complexity” could have been a lot better, even if the thought of an upset Sheldon with a piece of paper resting against his head makes me chuckle as I write this.

Howard’s Mom-watch: Nothing from Ms Wolowitz herself, but Raj and Bernadette do a couple of uncanny impressions.

Quote of the episode: I don’t have one! Any suggestions, readers?

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