PRIVATE PRACTICE “Can’t Find My Way Back Home” Review

PRIVATE PRACTICE (ABC) Can't Find My Way Back Home

PRIVATE PRACTICE “Can’t Find My Way Back Home” Season 4 Episode 9 – I spent most of this episode trying to figure out what was going through Charlotte’s mind and how she could want so hard to forget what happened that she would be willing to let a rapist go free and possibly attack someone else. I wondered how she could be okay with someone going through the same hell she was, but again I haven’t been through it so I can’t imagine what it would be like to face an attacker, even through the safety of two-way glass. I adored how, in the end, it was Coop’s love that makes her face the horror and make sure that Lee doesn’t go free. That part was beautiful and such a testament to how much this show has grown up.

Overall I’m very impressed with this season so far. Private Practice used to be all about who was jumping into whose bed and now that nearly everyone is in a committed relationship; we’re getting some very mature storylines. Not only Charlotte’s, but Pete’s as well in this episode. He had some hard choices to make and I don’t know what I would do if I was in his shoes.

My favorite bits..

Violet theorizing who might play her in a made for tv movie. LOL.

The look on Pete’s face when he saw his brother in the waiting room.

Amelia saying that the girl had a seizure notebook, which was anything but normal. Very true.

This line from Amelia: “Look, I don’t tell you how to handle vaginas.” – Hm, good point.

Coop knowing that Charlotte needed to look the bastard in the eye and say “it was you”. I love how well he knows her.

Amelia getting Julie to admit that she worries every day.

Violet pointing out to Charlotte that if she comes forward, she might be able to prevent another rape from happening to someone else, like it did to Violet when another woman didn’t report her rapist.

Coop’s response to finding out that Charlotte wanted Violet there with her when she went to identify her rapist. I could see that he wanted to do it so that he could be there to protect her.

Finding out the reason Amelia was fighting to hard for the surgery was she would have given anything to have more time with her father.

Pete pointing out that at least he had his pants on when Coop walked in on him and Violet smooching.

Coop kissing Charlotte’s other cheek so as not to kiss the same one as Pete. OMG so cute.

Lee trying to convince himself and Sheldon that he wouldn’t do it again.

Pete telling his mother not to lie for him and he wouldn’t lie for her. Wow, great scene.

Violet telling Coop the truth about what happened to Charlotte – his reaction made me cry a little bit, I have to admit.

Addison telling Sam she wanted to be a mother.

Charlotte immediately knowing as soon as Coop walked in the door that he knew.

Coop telling Charlotte that he loved her but Lee couldn’t go free and offering to get a gun, it didn’t matter what happened to him.. and then Charlotte going back to the precinct and identifying Lee while holding Coop’s hand. Yep, I totally cried during that whole part.

What did you think of this episode of Private Practice? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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