OUTSOURCED “Temporary Monsanity” Review

outsourced temporary monsanity

OUTSOURCED “Temporary Monsanity” Season 1 Episode 9 – Okay, go easy on me when I say this – This was the first episode of OUTSOURCED that I’ve watched. I gotta say, I’m REALLY upset I haven’t watched this show from the pilot. I laughed HARD through most of the episode, which is saying something… it takes A LOT to make me laugh.

That being said; even though this is the ninth episode of the season, I really don’t have anything to compare this episode to, so I’m basis this review on seeing ONE episode, so I expect a lot of comments telling me I’m crazy.

Personally, this one episode of Outsourced surpassed most of the seventh season of The Office for me as far as writing and humor. I found the writing to be fantastic, so kudos to the writers for that one.

Ben Rappaport is ADORABLE. I realize this has not a lot to do with the show itself, but hey, it needs to be mentioned.

I felt for him when his brother popped into the conversation Todd was having with his parents, to mentioned that he’d won a sales contest and was sending them on a trip for their anniversary. Poor guy, his family seems to be a bit much to handle.

The laser tag between Charlie, Manmeet, and Gupta had me in hysterics. When Gupta was running down the hallway shooting at Charlie over his shoulder? Forget it. I could’ve done without the “flashlight” jokes, but that’s just my personal taste in humor.

The other scene that made me laugh out loud was when Todd was explaining Thanksgiving to everyone and someone asked what the Indians received on that day and he said: “…. less… land to take care of?”

I will definitely be partaking in all of the episodes of Outsourced that I missed, and will be tuning into the show on a regular basis from this point forward.

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