GREY’S ANATOMY “Slow Night, So Long” Review

GREY'S ANATOMY "Slow Night, So Long"

GREY’S ANATOMY “Slow Night, So Long” Season 7 Episode 9 – This week’s Grey’s Anatomy finds Yang still a mess, Avery turning into a mess, and the attendings getting messy drunk. It may also be the first time we have seen the residents working the late night shift without any attendings besides Owen.

As I said last time, and probably the time before that, they have got to do something with Yang. Is this the new way that Grey’s handles their characters? Are the writers set on creating some traumatic event every season that will lead at least one, but probably more, character down a spiraling path of depression, insanity, and addiction? Haven’t we seen this many times before? I believe it has occurred with Meredith, Owen, Karev, Izzy, and more recently, Derek, Lexi and now Yang and perhaps Avery. Enough! Can’t these characters get back to their careers and their lives? Isn’t there enough drama surrounding patients, procedures, skills, balancing work and personal lives to carry us through? I really just want to get back to medicine. I also really want Yang to get back to medicine. It was ridiculous to have her get a job tending bar at Joe’s and even more ridiculous for her to drink so much on her first night that she gets fired and ends up giving lap dances to a bachelor party. Then Derek offers advice such as “keep having fun.” He is not even qualified to give advice. Yes, he went through the same trauma, but not exactly. He was shot. Yang was held at gunpoint while trying to save his life. Is one more traumatic than the other? Not necessarily, however, I do not think someone who barely got himself together is the one that should be interfering. Heck, if not for Meredith putting her foot down, Derek would still be driving 120 miles an hour on the freeway. Shouldn’t someone put their foot down with Yang? Or at least get her some counseling?

Now this has spread to Avery who is having screaming nightmares every night. I know that Avery is one of the few residents that survived from his hospital and I know it was also traumatic for him to have a gun pointed at him while he was trying to save Derek’s life, but this is getting to be too much. I feel that the writers do not know what direction to take with him so they just fling things around to see if they stick. First he was the quiet guy that did not want everyone to know that his father was a big medical scholar. Then he was the guy that did not think his skills could live up to the reputation of his father. Then he became the guy that was trying to flirt his way into everything. Then he became competitive. And now, apparently, he is approaching a total meltdown yelling at Owen during surgery, refusing to ask for help. Despite Owen’s concern, no one is doing anything. After all, right now he is saving lives. I guess it is only bad when something he does costs someone their life. Remind me never to go to Seattle Grace Hospital for surgery.

Although it was a bit far fetched that all of the attendings, including Stark Raving Mad, were off on a night when all of the residents were working, it was fun to see them all get hammered at the bar. Drunk Bailey is a hoot. Drunk Teddy is even funnier. I wish she were able to find someone to date because she seems so worked up about it. Maybe they can bring that pysch doctor back and then he could fix Yang and Avery while also renewing his relationship with Teddy. A win-win all the way around. Another story that worked was the Karev take charge moment when he assisted Meredith in Stark’s absence with the child that needed surgery right away. I also liked the mean take charge Chief. What the Chief did when he came in to take control of the situation really made an impression on Karev. Might he be a chief in the future? I definitely think he would make a fine peds attending. I know the Chief is probably letting Karev and Meredith take their lumps as some sort of rite of passage, but shouldn’t Stark be the one receiving the yelling? After all, he is the one that ignored Karev and Meredith’s page when they decided the kid needed surgery. They were paging him every five minutes. I like that the writers added a character that is different than the rest of the gang, but he is so abrasive, I just cannot get into him. What do you think about Dr. Stark?

Once I got past the Yang and Avery issues, I thought this was a good episode. The two boys that tried to beat the train were heartbreaking and I felt terrible for Lexi who had to tell the parents that one of them died when she really wasn’t prepared. I have to say she handled that very professionally. What did you think of this episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Do you like Callie and Sloan back together? I think she needed that and I am always a fan even if I do want Lexi and Sloan back together. Do you think Bailey will get back together with the anestheisologist? I miss him. Share your thoughts and favorite moments from this episode in the comments below.

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