BURN NOTICE “Hot Property” Review

BURN NOTICE | Hot Property
BURN NOTICE “Hot Property” Season 4 Episode 14 – When it’s good, it’s really good. And that’s what “Hot Property” was – BURN NOTICE at its best.

Several sub-plots and continuing story arc elements were all woven together brilliantly. And the acting – sheer excellence from the entire cast, everyone playing to character strengths, but never as cardboard cutouts. Early on, there was a great Sam line as Michael hops back in the car after sneaking around a police station to lift data from a computer: “You’re the reason I drink, Mikey.” The main story found a thief, Natalie, going after a chemical weapon in the hands of Venezuelans and threatening to frame Fi for the murder of her fall guy, Stewart. She strikes a deal to steal it, get her payment, and then leave it to Michael and crew to hand it over to government.

Meanwhile, Maddie’s trying to mend fences between Michael and Jesse. Plus, we got the return of Sam’s con man persona Chuck Finley working magic on Jesse’s former handler Marv to find out about an auction for the list they’ve all been seeking from the stolen bible. Lots of layers and it all worked. The team ends up grabbing Natalie with the weapon, telling her she’ll be the one to hand it over to the Feds. And then, Maddie forces the re-bonding of Mike and Jesse as they squirm through it then end up smiling.

Every pairing was classic. Mike with Sam. Fi and Jesse. Michael and the double-cross thief. Sam as Chuck with Marv (Perhaps we’ll see the “origin” of Finley in the upcoming Sam Axe prequel TV movie starring Campbell). And even with all that was going on, Sharon Gless almost stole the show as Maddie in maternal mode. Also making an impression, guest actress Callie Thorne as psychotic Natalie and Richard Kind (from “Spin City”) as Marv, another semi sad sack role from him, though more world-wise.

The show was also chock-full of fun spy tips, from the chemical that creates the smell in odorless natural gas to using the stems of sunglasses, removed, to pick a lock. Some day, they need to compile it all in a book. Someone’s probably working on that now. If not, hey Matt Nixon, I’d be glad to do it.

“Hot Property” was a mix of tension, stand-alone plot and story arc advancement that makes Burn Notice so much better than the formulaic procedurals out there. The show takes two weeks off now and returns in early December with “Brotherly Love,” which is about Michael’s younger brother Nate, last seen, married, in “Enemies Closer” back in February.

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