30 ROCK “College” Review

30 Rock "College" (NBC)

30 ROCK “College” Season 5 Episode 8 – Pronouncify.com, why aren’t you real? Oh wait, using my super computer skills I have just discovered it is indeed a website hosted by NBC. And people say television isn’t real. Tut. Tut.

Liz cementified herself as the world’s biggest loser with the line: “So, why the trip down memory lame. Haha! High fiving a million angels.” Despite her desperate attempts to gain respect among her colleagues, to be loved as she was loved her first freshman fortnight in college, free alcohol and ice cream and her grandfather, Adolf Lemon’s watch, did nothing to grease her way into their good graces and she ended the episode as she began it: like Hitler. “Usually everyone around here makes me feel like Hitler. But today I feel like…Hitler in Germany!”

It was a solid episode of 30 Rock, filled with the usual great one-liners:

Tracy to the aggressive crowd: “Your boos are not scaring me. I know most of you are not ghosts.”

Jack on Pronouncify.com: “Lemon, lesbian Frankenstein wants her shoes back.”

Jack’s words of wisdom: “Money can’t buy happiness. It is happiness.”

And of course Jenna’s “This is why I hated my first two weeks at the Royal Tampa Academy of Dramatic Tricks. No one knew who was the sluttiest. I showed them!”

Jack’s bid to denounce the super microwave made by the new Indian guys at the lab was entertaining as the fear that he was not necessary to the success of the company settled with him. I liked seeing more of the writers’ room though, rather ironically, it was probably the weakest part of the episode-aside from the times Liz or Jack entered the scene: “Obama is very presidential.”

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