LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES “Ballona Creek” Review


LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES Season 1 Episode 7 – I guess I didn’t jinx LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES last week like I’d feared. Like last week’s episode “Ballona Creek” kept me interested in the story up until the very end; which reaffirms my belief that the series MAY have finally found it’s footing!

Unlike previous episodes, I never felt that I could predict the motive, the killer, or really ANYTHING to do with the case. That, to me, is the mark of a great show – so major props to writer Richard Sweren for keeping me guessing and wanting more.

The twists and turns of “Bellona Creek” didn’t started at the beginning of the episode and kept on right up until the end. The adoption story line, the rape, the murders from 20 years ago… nothing was what it seemed.

There was once scene that particularly stood out at me – when the Brandon’s adoptive father asked Dekker to cut Luis Cordero, who at this point is probably going to be on trial for a few murders, a deal…. Just to protect his son.

REALLY? I almost fell out of my chair when I heard that. A deal with a serial killer so your son doesn’t know the circumstances that he was conceived? I understand that a parent will do anything to protect their child, but that was just mind blowing to me.

Which is why I really appreciated Dekker’s response. I’ve heard some negative things about Terrence Howard as DA Dekker, but I find his character much more enjoyable than Morales (Alfred Molina). I think that Howard brings a sympathetic trait that Morales lacks.

Case in point: Dekker’s opening statement during the trial was so passionate that it gave me chills. Dramatic? Yes, since it IS just a TV show, but I rather like characters that can draw me in and make me forget, even briefly, that these aren’t real court cases that I’m watching.

While I think it took a while (like approximately 6 episodes) for the writers to find a flow and formula that worked, Law and Order: Los Angeles is becoming a great series and addition to the franchise.

What are your thoughts?

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