COUGAR TOWN “Little Girl Blues” Review

COUGAR TOWN "Little Girl Blues"

COUGAR TOWN “Little Girl Blues” Season 2 Episode 8 – This week’s episode found Jules threatened when Travis brings home his grad student girlfriend, Kirsten, to meet everyone.

We all know that Travis is a momma’s boy, to an extent. It has been the two of them ever since Jules and Bobby broke up and, quite frankly, probably even before that. I imagine that while Jules and Bobby were married, he wasn’t much involved and probably off on his own adventure. So when Laurie and Ellie tell Jules that Travis’ new girlfriend, Kirsten, could be a potential daughter-in-law, as could all of his future girlfriends, Jules freaks out. She enlists Laurie to be the person to reign her in when she gets nuts. From there, Jules alternates between normal and flat out insane. She is sent entirely over the edge when Kirsten mentions that she and Travis may go to her parents’ house for Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, Travis is having a bit of performance anxiety after talking to the guys. Kirsten is older and more experienced and even though she told him he was good in bed, he is concerned. At first the guys tell puffed up and heroic stories about how good they are, but then later they admit their own insecurities and quirks which goes a long way in helping Travis overcome his issues. It also made for some funny moments. I loved when Grayson said that he gets so scared, his butt gets cold and then Andy had to touch it. I also loved how the gang chose Grayson’s house to hang at since Kirsten was at Jules’ house. Locked doors and windows were no match for the guys, including Tom the neighbor who wants to be part of the gang. I actually kind of liked Tom and think he would be an odd but perfect fit for the crew. As for the crew, I have to say I love it when they walked in an entourage across the street and how people would just fall into line. Too funny.

Sometimes I think that Cougar Town is so full of jokes and one liners, that nothing serious ever takes place, nor could it. Then I sit down to write my review and am always surprised that Cougar Town does manage to tackle some issues and, underneath the jokes, there is a story line. Jules telling Kirsten that she was nuts about her son and just wanted the best girl to have him and that it was her nuttiness that made him the guy that he is was just endearing. The men finally owning up to their anticipations and quirks in the bedroom was as well. But what would Cougar Town be without the jokes and gags? Some of my favorite moments and lines from this episode were:

Mom’s song about contraception that everyone knew.

The robot that Ellie and Laurie performed.

Bobby seatbelting himself to the hammock and then saying “I thought it would be like sleeping on a cloud, but it is just terrifying”.

Kirsten thinking Bobby was some kind of eccentric genius. Maybe she’s on to something?

Laurie stalking Kirsten in the shower and telling her to call Jules a slutty town ho.

The tribute to Big Joe. And the welcome to Big Carl.

Travis’ nod to Antoine Dodson “you so dumb.”

What did you think of this episode of Cougar Town? I kind of liked Travis’ girlfriend. She is defintely not as sarcastic or as cruel as the gang can be, but can have an edge when needed. I would like her to stick around. Sometimes I think this show is like Friends but with more jokes and gags. One gang constantly hanging out, making fun of each other’s quirks, commenting on each other’s dates. Am I wrong there? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

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