COMMUNITY “Conspiracy Theories and Soft Defenses” Review

COMMUNITY Conspiracy Theories and Soft Defenses

COMMUNITY “Conspiracy Theories and Soft Defenses” Season 2 Episode 9 – Just when I thought COMMUNITY couldn’t get any more surreal or hilariously absurd, we get Annie and Jeff chasing Professor Professorson (Dutch for poppycock) through the Turkish district of Troy and Abed’s blanket fort in the “Conspiracy Theories and Soft Defenses” episode.

“I can’t keep track of any of it anymore!” For a second there, I thought Jeff had broken the dean. The conspiracy plotline is flat out insane–pretty much Rubicon on acid with shades of Arrested Development. In fact, one might call it “Puffs of hot air from the lips of a ghost in the shadow of a unicorn’s dream.” Kevin Corrigan is terrific as Professor Professorson and I actually bought that Greendale would let History of Something, Learning!, and Class 101 slide as classes. The tiny car bomb tickles me and for some reason Jeff’s “I don’t know!”s to Annie re: Professor Professorson had me rolling on the floor. Such a great episode for Joel McHale, Alison Brie, and Jim Rash.

We get a glimpse into Dean Pelton’s head tonight, and it’s both funny and disturbing. “I’ve always dreamed of playing charades with you Jeffery, just not like this and not on dry land.” Oh, and he still uses a dot matrix printer. Love. “Writing time travel is hard.” Hee.

“When does a fort stop being a fort?” Obviously this fort transcends all with its Civil Rights Museum, Pierce’s Mom’s Memorial Tower, and Latvian Pride parade, but on a shallow note: how adorable are Troy and Abed in their jammies when they start building it? And then their miner lights! The entire chase sequence is terrific and I love all the little touches, from Britta’s lounge to Leonard having three strikes (was there any doubt?). It’s also completely fitting that Troy and Abed would resort to Protocol Omega (the socks!) once the fort went mainstream. I hope we get to see the cardboard submarine someday.

We got a quick touch of the Jeff-Annie thing last week and this week we get even more. “You are gonna Nancy Screw me out of my free credit”–that’s how I like my Jeff and Annie, so I hope we don’t get too much in the way of longing glances and fake but possibly real confessions of love and obsession. Annie is amazing all episode, though, from writhing on the floor blowing off language to building her diorama for the Bio-Diorama-Rama (Hi, NBC Green Week!) and I love Jeff’s moment of pride at the end. “Annie took to deception like Abed took to Cougar Town.”

My favorite lines: “Enjoy eating fiber and watching The Mentalist,” “My latest theory: maybe I’m a god. I’ve ignored the signs too long.” “This is Greendale, Annie. If there’s a conspiracy, it goes to slightly below the middle,” “He’s about to get a real lesson on the fact that Jeff Winger never learns,” “Look out! Annie’s got a gun,” and “Would that this hoodie were a time hoodie.”

I would love to be a fly on the wall of the Community writers’ room when they’re brainstorming episode ideas. I don’t think there’s any limit on how silly or absurd they’re willing to get, and I love it. My one complaint is that I missed Shirley, Britta, Pierce, and Chang, but overall this hilarious episode flew by and now I want to build a blanket fort and watch it again to see all the little touches I missed.

What were your favorite moments in the episode? How do you feel about revisiting the Jeff and Annie flirtation? Please let me know in the comments.

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