BLEEP MY DAD SAYS “Make A Wish” Review

$#*! MY DAD SAYS Make A Wish

BLEEP MY DAD SAYS “Make A Wish” Episode 9 – In “Make a Wish,” things happened on BLEEP MY DAD SAYS but it was all sort of surreal.

Cybill Shepherd (“Cybill,” “Moonlighting”) guest starred as a self-help seminar pitchwoman Charlotte Ann Robinson (who’s somewhat Meg Whitman-like) selling her book claiming success through wish-and-it-will-come-true. Yeah, right. Ed feels like that too, once he hears about it. Vince and Bonnie get sucked in and quit their jobs, while Henry’s been hired to write an investigative article about Robinson and the seminar. Ed’s worried he’ll fall prey, too and shows up to butt heads with Robinson and predictably, they end up in bed. But it’s still amusing, especially their debates.

Shatner and Shepherd (sounds like a vaudeville team, doesn’t it?) have some chemistry and timing, too. Henry remains the dork and just when it looks like he’s going to score, he’s tied up and robbed by a girl from the seminar (his line “not again” was funny, though). This all happens fast and generally, there weren’t many laughs in this one. Will Sasso and Nicole Sullivan again are more annoying than endearing and too darn whiny. There’s just a bit of gay Tim the housekeeper, who lobs a few darts at the beginning of the show, but that’s it. And Ed’s rescue of Vince and Bonnie at the end comes off contrived.

The best moments were Ed, with a microphone, nailing seminar attendees about their wishes (“I want to be a model,” says a definitely non-model girl. “No,” he replies curtly) and also, the volleys between Shat and Shepherd. But otherwise, “Make a Wish” was very choppy, a real filler of a BLEEP MY DAD SAYS episode.

And the somewhat memorable lines? Here you go:

“I want to be a respectful as possible, but you and all these people here are crazy losers.”

“Wish, wish. Wish is for girls with broken hearts and boys with broken condoms.”

“I wish I had a million dollars”; “I wish you had a breath mint.”

“El Cajon? That’s the anus of San Diego!” (sorry El Cajon).

“Mostly, I’m doing it for love – of the dog.”

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