THE MIDDLE “Errand Boy” Review


THE MIDDLE “Errand Boy” Season 2 Episode 8 – Growing up isn’t easy on anyone in the “Errand Boy” episode of THE MIDDLE where Brick gets his first taste of staying home alone, Sue is unknowingly Mean Girled, and Axl tries to grow a beard.

“I gotta tell you–I don’t think I would last ten seconds as a girl.” Maybe not, but Mike shows he’s a terrifically endearing dad to one. His smile after Sue flatters him into driving her to the movies is downright adorable and I love his flipping up of the paper in the movie theater. Junior high girl drama really is brutal (I still have flashbacks, and oh, the horror. The horror!) and this episode gives a good little taste, especially in that Carly stands by saying nothing, best friend or no best friend. While Frankie’s right that there’s nothing you can do about it, I love that Mike tries. His Shannon smack down is hilariously awkward while his altercation with Shannon’s dad is full of win. “It’s our job to teach our kids to be decent. “Yeah, Shannon’s not going to go for that.” Heh. Even though Sue, once again, has all kinds of teen pain coming, it’s nice to see her so bubbly and wow, she even takes off the sweatshirt.

Oh, Brick, you funny, odd little boy. Don’t grow up too fast. “I was old enough to hook your bra in the dressing room.” Oh, my. Love Axl’s “I don’t think you should be allowed to stay home alone, but I do agree it’s torture being with mom.” Every kid wants to get out of errands and it never goes well the first time, but Brick did an impressively bad job his first time. Nice backwash. Love Frankie and Brick’s argument in the car–so real–and while the open windows in the car wash is more than a little predictable, it’s still fun and the bathroom make-up scene is sweet. Love the parent-kid pairings tonight.

Favorite lines: “Movies aren`t just movies for boys–they`re big dark rooms with girls,” “The microwave is for pizza rolls; the oven is for bulky storage,” “Explain to me again why her only two choces for a date are a vampire and a wolf man.” I love Axl’s bizarrely patchy facial hair, though I’m disappointed there is no beardguru. com.

This is more a sweet episode of The Middle than a laugh out loud one, but it’s one I relate to, so I really enjoyed it. Once again, this show wouldn’t work if the kids weren’t such good actors, but Neil Flynn is this episode’s MVP with his terrific portrayal of Mike.

What did you think of the episode? Do you remember the first time you stayed home alone? I read my mom’s diary (note to kids: don’t do that–you don’t want to know) and accidentally let one of our dogs out of the yard. Panic time.

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