THE GOOD WIFE “Bad Girls” Review


THE GOOD WIFE “Bad Girls” Season 2 Episode 8 – This episode featured iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove breaking out of the saccharine bindings of kids tv and into adult acting. You may have been sceptical when it was announced she would be appearing on one of the best shows on television, but she acquitted herself very well and the writers, as always, backed her up with a silly stage mother and clever DUI courtroom drama.

Speaking of drama, there was plenty of it back in the offices of Lockhart, Gardner & Bond: it’s time for the peer reviews, a method introduced by Bond where the employees influence the salary of their peers by essentially grading them. Alicia’s biggest complaint? Her standoffishness. David Lee, a key lawyer at the firm, is crusading against this method. Bond believes Lee is in cahoots with Diane though what about has yet to be determined.

Outside of the courtroom and office, Peter Florrick’s campaign is withering as he loses the backing of the Democratic party, who are concerned that Wendy will get the black vote and he and Childs’ will have to split the white, leaving Wendy victorious, which they do not want as she’s skipped the queue.

I’m not too sure what to make of Anika Noni Rose’s turn as the devious Wendy Scott Carr. She hasn’t had enough screen time to truly be judged. I don’t see the spark behind her eyes or the danger in her body language to suggest that she is a far more devious opponent than she appears to be. Going to Isaiah’s church was a nice touch, but that is more on the writers’ back than hers. Eli proved himself loyal to Peter, and he and Peter will both have to steel themselves for battle, because what an ending: the Reverend Isaiah’s father backstabbed his own son over politics. Frankie Faison as the ruthless father, smiling condescendingly as he strips his son of his church, was fantastic.

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