SONS OF ANARCHY “Bainne” Review

Sons of Anarchy 'Bainne'

SONS OF ANARCHY “Bainne” Season 3 Episode 11 – The Abel storyline is finally resolved! It took eleven episodes and more twists, turns and double crosses than you can shake a stick at, but Abel is now back in the ‘loving arms of his family’, as Father Ashby would say.

In Ireland, Jax tracks down Abel (with the help of a baby-hostage taking Gemma) and finds him with his adoptive parents. Rather than approach them, however, he hangs back and watches them interact. He eventually decides to let Abel go, much to Gemma’s upset; she spits out that Tara’s pregnant. Meanwhile Clay and the guys find Sean Casey dead and Father Ashby surmise it was for the location of Abel. SAMCRO head to the hotel and find the parents dead and Abel missing. But not for long: Jimmy O wants to trade Abel for his safe passage out of Ireland. Father Ashby agrees and gives himself up as a hostage to ensue Jimmy’s safe departure. The Sons are heading home.

Back in Charming, Tig, Kozik and Piney are still trying to find $250k to give to Salazar in return for Tara and Murphy’s release. Agent Stahl agrees to get them the money, but the drop is ruined when a couple of kids grab the bag and cycle away. At the house, Tara gets her hands on a piece of broken glass and attacks Salazar’s girlfriend, Louisa. In return for helping to keep her alive, Tara demands Murphy’s release. But Louisa bleeds to death on the way to the hospital and Salazar, grief-stricken, pins Tara to the hood of the car and puts his gun to her head…

While I have a few issues with this episode – mostly with Tig not using his bike to chase the kids and Gemma pointing the gun at the baby (though that last one is more unease on my part) – it was strong and moved the plot along far enough to finally send SAMCRO back to Charming.

I’m honestly worried about Tara’s future. Up until this episode I hadn’t entertained the idea that she would be killed off at all. I figured the whole Jax/Tara supercouple was designed to last the entirety of Sutter’s seven year plan – now I’m not so sure. With the Abel storyline resolved and Charming otherwise quiet for now (though the police force being taken over will no doubt cause issues for SAMCRO sooner rather than later), Tara’s death would be a huge shake up to end the season on. Will it come to that? Only time will tell. The episode’s title is very interesting, though: ‘June Wedding’.

While I could talk for pages about the Abel storyline, this episode was summed up for me in one scene. Jax watching Abel in the arms of a loving, stable family was heartbreaking. It wasn’t just a father wanting what’s best for his child, but of a man who never had that family growing up. Up until Ireland, Jax looked to his dead father as an almost mythical figure. Now, to him, John Teller is the slacker dad who did nothing more than hurt his family, father an illegitimate child, and die early. I can’t remember the last time Sons of Anarchy made me cry unexpectedly, but I found tears on my cheeks after this scene. It was beautifully done.

While I had hoped he would, I was honestly surprised when Jax left Abel with his adoptive parents. It was an incredibly hard decision, something that was easy to see when he was crying in Maureen’s kitchen. I understand Gemma’s ‘family first’ way of thinking but season 3 has made me cool to the character to the point of disliking her. I’m not sure what it is or why. I can only hope the last two episodes of the season revert my feelings on her.

I can’t end this without mentioning two things that I absolutely loved in this episode. Firstly, Jax and Trinity. They’ve slipped easily into a brother-sister relationship and Trinity calling Abel ‘her nephew’ was heartwarming. Until this episode I didn’t want to see Trinity in Charming, now I hope she visits. Secondly, Jax tending to the dead adoptive parents. The way he laid them side-by-side and joined their hands together was absolutely heartrending.

A thoroughly enjoyable episode for the second week in a row. I dare think the uneven third season of Sons of Anarchy may be back on track.

What did you think of ‘Bainne’? Worried about Tara’s fate? And do you think Jimmy O will get away or will ATF finally catch their man? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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