PSYCH “In Plain Fright” Review

PSYCH (USA) In Plain Fright

PSYCH “In Plain Fright” Season 5 Episode 11 – Shawn and Gus have a real-live Scooby-Doo mystery on their hands and it takes place in an amusement park called ScareFest? Did the writers decide to make an episode especially for me? Because that’s what it felt like when I watched this one. Last month I went to haunted amusement parks (and one haunted hayride) no less than six different times. Though the ones I went to were way cooler (and way more scary) than the one in this episode, I was still excited to see it.

Psych didn’t disappoint at all either – the mystery was good, Shawn and Gus got to run around like the Shaggy and Scooby (Shawn is totally Scooby in my opinion) and solved the case by uncovering the ghost as really a couple of people pretending to be ghosts to get revenge for a little boy’s murder. What’s not to love?

Plus I liked that Shawn and Juliette’s relationship was played just the right amount in this episode. I don’t want it get tired and boring, which it could if they constantly threw it in our faces. I also think it’s fun that they’re having to keep it a secret from Lassie and everyone else at the station.

I did find it interesting how Shawn kept promising to never lie to Juliette. I wonder at what point that policy is going to include the fact that he’s not really a psychic and what will happen when Juliette finds out the truth. Bur for now I’m just enjoying them being a new couple after waiting for it for so long.

My favorite bits..

Shawn and Juliette sneaking around the police station trying to find some private time.

Shawn keeping his relationship with Juliette from Gus to prevent him from going on another caramel binge.

Shawn and Gus running into their old assistant, Ken.

Gus getting scared of a churro wrapped in bacon.

Gus going through the ride with his head down and his eyes closed like scared little boy.

The way the boys “blended in” with the rest of the ride.

Shawn sniffing Gus.

Shawn trying to get Gus to say “zoinks!” and then using the phrase himself.

Shawn and Gus screaming like little girlie-men when they saw the message written on the wall. I totally love it when they do that.

Shawn using characters from Stroker Ace as an interjection. Well, that’s a new one.

The way Shawn took Lassie’s speech and turned it into an insult involving underwear. Nice!

Shawn and Gus offering to do anything for Ken.. as long as it didn’t involve giving him a job.

Ken accusing Shawn and Gus of trying to get him double-fired.

This bit:
Lassie: “He and Guster think they’re in some cartoon mystery show with a talking great dane and a psychedelically painted van.”
Juliette: “Sooby-Doo?”
Lassie: “Is that why he keeps calling me Velma?”

Shawn accidentally rubbing Gus’ leg, thinking it was Juliette’s. Now that’s just plain embarrassing.

Gus fighting off the chick with the knife while Shawn shot her with a BB gun. Whaaat!

Gus not being upset that Shawn and Juliette hooked up. Well of course not, he’s been watching Shawn pine for her for years.

Finding out that Gus uses Pluto as part of a pick-up line.

Gus trying to hide his caramel from Shawn. Aw, so maybe he is a little upset.

What did you think of this episode of Psych? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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