MODERN FAMILY “Manny Get Your Gun” Review

MODERN FAMILY (ABC) Manny Get Your Gun

MODERN FAMILY “Manny Get Your Gun” Season 2 Episode 8 – It finally occurs to Manny that his childhood has passed him by in the “Manny Get Your Gun” episode of MODERN FAMILY, but that’s okay because all the adults are acting like kids.

Oh, sweet Manny. Trying to cram a forgotten childhood into an afternoon while wearing Al Capone’s suit. Only you. Worst prank call attempt ever, by the way, and who knew mixing sodas makes a fountain of youth? Rico Rodriguez’s facial expressions are impressive throughout, espeically whenever Gloria is near the gun.

Gloria rocks this episode as she spirals into hysteria, stomping around before taking control in spectacular fashion. “You could have shot me!”/”Come on, Manny, I could’ve unbuttoned your shirt if I wanted to.” Love that Gloria pwns Jay, the sneaky bastard. “You’re mind is going to be scattered. Manny, hand me the gun.” The ice bucket lid being shot out of Jay’s hand is a shocker, and Gloria is someone I would not want to enrage. Oh, and not for nothing, but I think Sofia Vergara’s breasts deserve their own spot in the credits at this point.

Only Phil could/would wear a “If you ain’t white, you ain’t right” shirt and be so utterly clueless. OMG. Love the race (“I’ll stop twice on the way back”) and the pairings tonight, especially Claire’s dragging Luke by his shirt. Poor un-fun (“But you’re nice”) Claire. “You put a potato chip in my sandwich. That was a crunchy surprise,” and even that wasn’t her. Luckily nothing says fun like a four car almost pile-up. Alex and Haley have a great moment with their family camp trauma (dirty dancing competition?) and I love the crying jag in the “cone of trust.” “What is it? Boys, bodies are changing, eggs?” Ha!

“You cheated on me with choreography and that is the worst kind. You danced WITHOUT ME, MITCHELL!” Love Mitchell in the flash mob–a love letter to apparently rhythmless Cam (how funny are his half-claps?). The “most adult adulterers ever” don’t do much for me outside of giving us that line, but Cam’s face when Mitchell starts dancing is perfection and of course he won`t let it go. “Anybody hurt?”/”I am.” Hee!

Just randomly, I love Claire and Jay’s “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go” and Phil and Luke’s lack of shoes: Blood tells, baby. Plus that the flash mob song is En Vogue’s “Free Your Mind” after the “Total White Domination” (did I mention OMG?) jokes is an awesome detail.

Modern Family manages to blend a flash mob, a BB gun, a car race, and a tween-life crisis into a hilarious and impressively well-flowing episode. Everything clicks with lots of laughs, plenty of heart, and lots of Manny–awesome.

What made you laugh the hardest this episode? Team Claire or Team Phil?

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