LIP SERVICE Episode 6 (Finale) Review

Lip Service (BBC Three)
LIP SERVICE Season 1 Episode 6 – This week’s LIP SERVICE was the last one in the series and if you’d have told me 5 episodes ago that I’d be sad to see it end I would have laughed merrily out loud. But I kind of am.

What started as, quite frankly, a ridiculous cliché riddled piece of trash has developed into an engaging hour or so of TV. Gone is the need to shoe-horn in the weekly ‘shock moment’ that added nothing to the plot but ensured a few more column inches in the morning papers. The viewing figures have been high enough, a second series will probably follow, no need for anymore danger shaving in the bathtub.

So we kick off the last Lip Service wondering what will become of the girls? Is Frankie ever gonna find out who she really is (it’s cold out there, only so much aimless wandering one girl can do) and is it to be SamKat of FranCatie??

I don’t know about you but I couldn’t wait for the Uncle/Dad storyline to be revealed because to be honest it was starting to irritate me. More photo albums and family trees than an episode of Who Do You Think You Are and when the Uncle/Whatever started talking in riddles I wanted it over with. Anything short of him peeling off his face to reveal it was a mask and he is in fact Tom Cruise ala Mission Impossible was a disappointment after the mother of all build ups.

With the bomb shell that Frankie shares a gene pool with the most monosyllabic man in Glasgow she’s understandably upset. I always found the whole Frankie’s tortured soul thing a bit much. Always sloping around in low slung jeans looking intense but here I felt genuinely sorry for her, nowhere to turn, no-one who cares.

One thing I definitely wanted to happen this week was for something good to happen to Tess and imagine my joy when she lands the audition for a lead in a play. Just a case of popping in the lift then…wait Tess + Lift = calamity!! Rescued by Ed she nails the audition and later also the electrician she’s been lusting after – it’s all set up for Tess to have a bit of happiness in the second Lip Service series.

What did you think of how the Frankie/Sam/Cat love triangle ended up? I’m torn. I have in the last couple of episodes bought more into the idea that Frankie and Cat have this deep connection, they seem to have clicked. But then again Sam can put up shelves…which is always handy!

I think ending it with Frankie and Cat (well and truly) getting it on but Cat returning to safe option Sam was about right. Frankie has the emotional maturity of an alley cat but Sam is a touch boring isn’t she?

It’s certainly wide open for a second series which I’ve read the writer Harriet Braun is keen to do. What did you think of Lip Service?? What are you hoping for in the next series? Let me know in the comment box below!!