LIFE UNEXPECTED “Homecoming Crashed” Review

Life Unexpected (CW) - Homecoming Crashed

LIFE UNEXPECTED “Homecoming Crashed” Season 2 Episode 9 – Kudos to LIFE UNEXPECTED for broaching the important topic of abuse of kids in the foster care system. This, along with the fact that a large percentage of foster kids become homeless after aging out of the system, is a harsh reality to present in a family show. And I didn’t expect the show to tackle the darker side of the issue, especially considering the soap opera style shenanigans that have been presented so far this season. With the added dimension to the show, I hope there will be time in the season for a satisfactory conclusion.

In “Homecoming Crashed”, Cate and Baze learn that Lux has dysgraphia, probably caused by some physical trauma. Cate goes to foster mom Valerie’s house for information. Baze gets Lux to take Sam to homecoming, so that he and Emma can attend an event to sign an important client. Lux confronts her foster parents.

Two steps forward, one step back. Our couples Baze/Emma and Cate/Ryan are finally starting to be open and honest with each other. But unfortunately Baze and Cate’s relationship with Lux has taken a turn for the worse. Though she is able to hide it well, Lux’s psychological state also seems to be going downhill fast. Her relationship with Eric certainly can’t help her already secretive behavior, but at least he is more or less a positive influence, perhaps even someone she needs at the moment since her relationship with her parents is tenuous. I wish she would open up to them. The confrontation with the foster mom and the fight with the foster dad create an intense scene which Britt Robertson handles admirably. How lucky is Lux! Tasha covers for her last week; and whacks someone in the head for her this week. Now Sam covers for her. At first I was wary of Sam’s couldn’t-care-less attitude and moping character, thinking it is cliche and would become boring very quickly. However, tonight’s Life Unexpected episode portrays him more as a scared boy who has a bad relationship with his mother, rather than just a rebellious teen. Also he is insightful and caring enough to bail out Lux, so there is more to Sam’s character than meets the eye. Now who will be the bad influence on whom?

What are your thoughts on episode 9 “Homecoming Crashed” of Life Unexpected?