HUMAN TARGET “Ilsa Pucci” Review

Human Target (FOX) Isla Pucci

HUMAN TARGET “Ilsa Pucci” Season 2 Episode 1 – Okay so I have to admit that when I first started watching this show last season, it took me a while to fully fall in love with it. At first I found it a little cheesy, though I didn’t necessarily see that as a bad thing and assumed it had to do with its comic book origins. Then I grew to appreciate the cheese and how much Human Target embraces it – explosions, car chases, shoot-outs, hot women, wisecracks. and that’s just in this episode. LOL.

Originally the show concentrated mostly on Chance and while he’s a great character (and freaking hot to boot), I gotta say it got even better when Winston and Guerrero started having more screentime. This season they’ve also added two female characters, both of which impressed me in this episode.

And holy total squee-fest, Batman! Not only did this episode have Timothy Omundson from Psych but also Tahmoh Penikett from Dollhouse! Of course neither of them survived to the closing credits but still, I enjoyed seeing them both.

Overall I gotta say I loved this episode. It had everything in it that hooked me in the first season while showing lots of promise for the season to come. Bring it on!

My favorite bits..

Isn’t it just Chance’s super bad luck that the bank has a silent alarm when he doesn’t want one?

Guerrero blowing away The Interrogator’s hand. Ouch.

Chance sneaking a peek at Ilsa’s legs when he opened his eyes from meditating.

The monks very quietly, but also very clearly, stating their wishes for Chance to leave. LOL.

The fact that Guerrero didn’t waste anytime with a mushy welcoming speech for Chance when he called him up out of the blue after six months.

Finding out that the thing Guerrero had to “move around” was a dude in his trunk. LOL.

Busting up so hard when Guerrero sauntered into a black tie affair with a sniper rifle slung over his shoulder like it was the most normal thing in the world. I heart him so much.

Winston very carefully describing the possible assassin as she went about changing her looks completely. Oops.

Chance using a dance to check out Ilsa and make sure she was okay. Pretty smooth.

Winston and Guerrero taking the piss out of each other while Winston was chasing Ames.

Chance standing up in a room being riddled with bullets.

Ames suggesting that she and Guerrero got off on the wrong foot. Um, ya think?

Ames going straight to pant-wetting fear when she heard Guerrero’s name.

Guerrero telling Ames to relax unless she was lying, in which case she should be “sufficiently nervous”. Teehee, love that.

Guerrero’s casual “of course, dude” when Chance asked if he had it covered.

Chance and Ilsa jumping out the window. Wow that was some plan!

Winston claiming that usually the team was much more professional and Chance’s almost whiny reply of “No we’re not!”. Hilarious.

Ames getting herself caught trying to steal a bracelet of all things, I guess she couldn’t help herself.

Chance not only apologizing to Winston but admitting he was wrong. Aw.

Literally saying “whoa” out loud about one second before Winston did when they walked into the new office. Nice digs!

What did you think of the season premiere of Human Target? If you watched last season are you happy with the changes to the cast? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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