DETROIT 187 “Deja Vu; All In” Review

DETROIT 187 "Deja Vu;All In"

DETROIT 187 “Deja Vu; All In” Season 1 Episode 8 – This week’s episode of DETROIT 187 finds Washington still trying to get close to Fitch, Fitch still trying to evade personal questions, and each detective back with his/her partner.

Again, the writers are doing a good job of providing excellent murder plots that are never quite what they seem. First, Washington, Fitch, Sanchez and Stone investigate a murder with no body, but a heck of a lot of blood. Their investigation reveals that the teen was a drug runner to and from Canada for a local business man. He also had an accomplice, another teenager with a shady family past. It was right about here that things started to spin in different directions. The end result, though, was harrowing. At first I thought Trevor’s grandfather was great for sticking up for his grandson and putting his foot down. However, in the end, after Trevor had overdosed and died and all his grandfather could say was “More honorable than surrender”, I began to see that he was doing anything but looking out for his grandson’s best interests. He killed a kid just to show his grandson and the others “how to be a man” and “how to treat a traitor”? Unbelievable. The sad thing is, it seemed that some of the kids were really good kids. The deceased, Seth, just wanted out to get back to school and on the right path, something the grandfather should have been encouraging. Rather, as Fitch said, he was living in the past with The Purple Gang and forcing his expectations and lifestyle on kids that were easily manipulated and then, later, coerced.

Meanwhile Mahajan and Longford have their own murder to deal with, a man from out of state found dead with one gunshot wound in the parking lot of a seedy motel. Turns out he was in town for a poker invitational and a chance to win money for his child’s needed surgery. Apparently he won a lot of money that night. Mahajan and Longford’s investigation leads them to a home poker game where people go after the invitational to try to win more money. It is set up almost like a real casino complete with waitresses and masseuses. It is there that they learn that the deceased won a bit too big and that he must have cheated. Turns out that it wasn’t the deceased who was cheating, but a respectable poker player and winner who, naturally, just wanted a little more cash on the side. I have no doubt that the money won at these games is alluring or that someone would be craving more, however, murder? That seemed a bit much. For the serious poker players, it is more about winning the game. Then again, maybe this was Slim’s way of winning a game he entirely made up. If the masseuse had not caved, he might have gotten away with it. You have to wonder if the masseuse was from out of town or had never read a paper or watched TV in her life. What police station do you know that could process fingerprints off of a glass in under 10 minutes? Good bluff for the boys.

This was a good episode of Detroit 187. I thought I might grow tired of Washington’s constant need for approval from Fitch or to grow closer to him, but I think it is handled in an endearing way. As I have said before, I would much rather have that interaction than a sexual one with any of the cast. I also like how every once in a while we get another piece to the jigsaw puzzle that is Fitch. This week we learn that what happened in New York involved a girl, not that we did not suspect that. Fitch also finally told Washington that it was his son that bought him the paperweight. I also suspected he had children. Like Washington, I find myself wanting to know more about Fitch. I will happily take my puzzle piece from this episode and wait for the big picture to emerge. I am having fun on the journey.

Some local shoutouts from tonight’s episode included Eastpointe, Grosse Pointe, 7 Mile (although I swear Fitch said “The Seven Mile” which I thought was strange), MGM Grand, and Canada, our neighbor to the North, or in Detroit’s case, the somewhat South East. Did I miss any? What did you think of tonight’s epside of Detroit 187? Are you, too, wanting to know more about Fitch? Did anyone else notice that the show was moving to a more NYPD feel with the one liners at the scene of each murder: “Someone didn’t make it out of here alive” and “He’s not going to make his flight”? I am not sure how I feel about that. What do you think? Share your thoughts about this episode in the comments below.

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