AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “Franka Sozzani” Review

America's Next Top Model (CW) "Franca Sozzani"

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “Franka Sozzani” Cycle 15 Episode 11 – Chelsey, Ann, Jane and Kayla remain, but there can only be one winner. Yes, this is probably one of the most boring cast of characters (sorry, people) every to make it to the top four. Jane is gonna go craaazy. Ann reminds us that she is concerned about her security and her height-I know, apparently that’s an issue. I’d never have guessed. She should state this more often.

An acting coach gives the girls a crash course in an effort to get them to emote better. It is all a lesson to take them to a VERY VERY IMPORTANT CLIENT where their personality will be key.

They head to the offices of Vogue Italia where they meet Franca Sozzani, editor of Vogue Italia.

Kayla falters at the interview stage, Chelsey is perk polly, Ann speaks out and is audible, Jane does a very half-assed attempt show she’s a fun-loving personality. Chris would have killed.

The winner of the challenge will head to DaVinci’s The Last Supper followed by a night in a deluxe hotel. It turns out Chelsey killed: she won the competition so she picks Kayla as her friend. Chelsey cries when sees The Last Supper. Jane and Ann commisterate their loss with Chinese food, vodka and shockingly no bitching: they’re actually totally likable with their loss, probably the best losers Top Model has ever seen.

Chelsey and Kayla are in beautiful gloat mode. Chelsey toasts to them both being in the top two.

The shoot is set in fair Verona, where they’ll be doing a bit of acting before a double elimination. I’ll make a prediction: Ann and Kayla will be in the top two, and Jane and Chelsey will sent home.

On a sidenote, let’s all pray that Tyra’s acting career has been kept to Coyote Ugly and Miley Cyrus hoedowns.

Jane thinks she charmed her way into the top two. Ha.

Chelsey is impressing the judges. Ah. She may edge out Kayla. Jane editted herself. Ann has to work on her walk. Kayla has to watch her angles.

The first one through is Ann. Not exactly a shocker. Since the second episode basically she’s been destined to win. Now it’s the competition to see who is the runner up.

The runner up is Chelsey. I was so wrong. Kayla and Jane get to watch her being congratulated. Kayla is told to take up acting. Jane is told to get signed.

Well, I was wrong. Chelsey beat out Kayla, which, given the final cut, I’m not too surprised about: I’m more surprised by how good Chelsey was. What do you think of the choices made? And Tyra’s directorial debut?

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