THE TRIP “Holbeck Ghyll” Review

THE TRIP Holbeck Ghyll

THE TRIP “Holbeck Ghyll” Episode 3 – You don’t watch The Trip for suspense, an episode of 24 it is not! I could write half of this review without even seeing the episode. Credits, Land Rover, Anthony Hopkins impression, scallops, wine, Anthony Hopkins impression, bill, end credits (in the style of Gordon Ramsay) DONE!!

The episodes are so formulaic it’s even in the dialogue, Brydon asking “do you think we have the same conversation in every restaurant?” The answer is yes but it’s a formula that works and I still find it engaging.
This week the culinary Bromance hits the Lake District Coogan taking the opportunity to compare himself to Coleridge and Wordsworth while Brydon ribs him about his desperation to distance himself from Alan “A-HA” Partridge.

Halfway through The Trip has settled in a rhythm which would be in danger of becoming a rut had the episode not left the impressions in the dining room.

There is more of a sense of plot as Brydon’s easy nature and likeability factor grate on Coogan. Refused entry by the old shopkeeper three minutes after closing its “Mr Brydon” she recognises, proving that being the voice of a kids’ TV character has its uses.

As the episode ends and the melancholic piano music plays in the background I was moved by Coogan staring back at himself in the mirror rather desperately trying to mimic Brydon’s voiceover. I suspect The Trip is going to land an emotional right hook in the coming episodes as this story of food and friendship could blossom into something more touching.