THE EVENT “For the Good of Our Country” Review

THE EVENT For the Good of Our Country

THE EVENT “For the Good of Our Country” Season 1 Episode 8 – President Martinez talks to Michael Buchanan this week, leading to a startling revelation: Vice President Jarvis was one of the people behind the attempted-assassination/plane crash.

He was working for the mysterious Dempsey (also Vicky’s boss), who it seems is behind the creepily aged kids at the end of last episode. When it looks like the Vice President’s involvement is about to be uncovered, Dempsey sends Vicky to kill him. But she has a change of heart – again – and he is instead taken out by Dempsey’s back up plan.

Meanwhile, Sean and Leila don’t get away from the events of last episode completely unscathed. Sean is shot, leading Leila to kidnap a doctor so the pair can perform emergency surgery.

I enjoyed this episode more than any preceding it, I think because the flashbacks were used so well. The VP Jarvis storyline was hurriedly done and could easily have been stretched into one or two episodes, but was good nonetheless.

My problem this episode was with Sean and Leila. They have been my preferred storyline for most of the past eight weeks, but today seemed very slapdash and forced. From the conveniently placed toolbox to fairly major surgery conducted in a car park, they took suspending disbelief a little too far. Which is saying something in a series about aliens.

The aging plot is something I’m looking forward to seeing explored. Last week we had young girls with old faces, this week we had Dempsey taking a ‘herbal’ solution and temporarily becoming fifty years younger.

The Event still has too many storylines to do any of them justice. They alternate each week to give even coverage, but that only makes it harder to really care about the characters. I still couldn’t give a damn about the aliens, even though they are an integral part of the series.

There are only two episodes until the midseason hiatus. I hope the back half of the season will improve further and make this series really engaging on its return.

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