TERRIERS “Sins of the Past” Advance Review

Terriers (FX)

TERRIERS “Sins of the Past” Season 1 Episode 11 – It’s flashbacks galore in this episode as we get a glimpse (okay maybe it’s more than just a glimpse considering about half the episode takes place in the past) into a pretty big turning point in Hank and Britt’s lives.

The episode flips back and forth from the present, where Britt is still reeling from the news of Katie’s affair, to a case that Hank and Mark worked on in the past. The thing is, it’s done so well that you can easily tell which time is which and rather than getting annoyed by the change-up, I enjoyed it.

I can’t say a whole lot about what happens in either time, but I can say that it was some good stuff. We actually get to see the moment that Hank and Britt first met. We also see Hank and Mark working together as partners and if you didn’t already like Mark before, I guarantee you will love him after this.

I can also say that this episode had some of the best Hank and Britt moments that we’ve seen yet and that’s saying something considering how many good ones we’ve had already. Ever since Hank told Katie not to tell Britt about what happened the night she got drunk, I was wondering why he would say something like that. I thought that someone was a recovering alcoholic would be all about telling the truth so why tell Katie to lie? Let’s just say that question does get answered in the last five minutes of the show, and the two final scenes between Hank and Britt are beyond fantastic. I literally rewound the DVD and watched them again, sniffling the whole time. I love it when the guys are silly and make me giggle, but I love it even more when they make me cry.

The best part is that this wasn’t even the season finale of Terriers, we still have two more episodes to go and if this one was any indication of what’s in store for us, I’m very excited to
see what’s next.

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