RAISING HOPE “Blue Dots” Review

Raising Hope (FOX) Blue Dots

RAISING HOPE “Blue Dots” Episode 8 – When Shelley’s daycare goes to the dogs, Virginia convinces Jimmy to try to get Hope into school in the so wrong it’s unbelievably right “Blue Dots” episode of RAISING HOPE.

There is no way I’m going to get to every funny moment in this episode because all of it is off-the-wall hilarious, so I hope you’ll list what I miss in the comments. To start off, though, this is probably my favorite opening yet with a great shout-out to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (what are the odds two shows would have a character with a dead tooth? Bizarre.) and Shelley’s “It’s just the door bell and your barking is becoming a pain in my ass” song. Hope as a dog eating from her bowl and barking at the doorbell kills me. “How embarrassed are you gonna be at church one day when she starts humping the minister’s leg?” Now, that’s a visual right up there with topless Maw Maw in cuffs. Wow, does that sound dirty or what?

“So, you sexually offended mom?” If I had a dollar for every time I’ve had to ask my dad that–well, I’d have nothing, but what a great line. The completely outrageous spiraling out of control as the blue dots multiply is sheer brilliance and I love that the show trusts its characters to ground the show as the story gets nutty. It works impressively well even given how insane the arrests are. Jimmy and the hooker–oh, my. “It’s like watching your kid drown and not being able to say `Shut up!'” Never change, Virginia.

After missing Maw Maw last week, it’s great to see her back and in top(less) form dancing the conga with some prisoners. “Thanks for having me on the show, Johnny.” Cloris Leachman’s expressions are priceless and Martha Plimpton plays against her perfectly. “She can’t even get her own toilet paper in the bowl. How’s she going to get strange trash in a strange bag?”

Burt and Virginia have the most funny moments tonight–shocking, I know. Burt’s entire neighborhood tour is amazing, and why can’t I sleep exercise? Every Virginia line is full of win, from “I’m starting to think we should have left Hope in that dog pound daycare. We could have hooked her to a blind person and called it a day” to “If I’m gonna be picking up beer bottles and rubbers, I want to look my best,” she is a joke machine. I’m also going to start using “finger-cranking mood” because it’s awesome. Oh, and how does Virginia know my “Gotta pee” song? Hee!

Jimmy really is the heart of Raising Hope and his honesty speech is so heartfelt and lovely, though of course everyone else was a complete liar, too. Hee! I’m so glad he saves Shelley’s baby-dog-old person daycare because her songs tickle me.

The satire is spot-on tonight with skewering of sex offender websites, daycare, and need-based scholarships and every character has at least one laugh out loud moment (even Baby Hope kills it tonight with the bone chewing and growling). I laughed so hard through the entire episode that my stomach hurts, and that doesn’t happen very often. I just love this show.

What were your favorite parts of “Blue Dots?” Could the episode possibly have ended better than it did with the Chances going door to door introducing themselves a sex offenders and Burt proclaiming “Not me; I’m clean?”

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