ONE TREE HILL “Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace” Review

ONE TREE HILL "Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace"

ONE TREE HILL “Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace” Season 8 Episode 8 –
It is Thanksgiving time in Tree Hill. That means turkey and dysfunction, just like any other family. Although this episode of One Tree Hill also seemed more like filler, it was welcome filler to me. I love nothing more than when everyone gets together and acts like a family, as dysfunctional as it may be.

Brooke tries to impress Julian and Sylvia with some domestic skills that just evade her. I am not much of a cook, but I think even I would know to peel apples for an apple crisp. By the way that Sylvia seems to drink every day away, I am not sure how many traditional Thanksgiving dinners Julian has had anyway. Skills and Mouth decide to also do a traditional Thanksgiving with Millie as a guest. However, their plans also go awry when another guest arrives – a live turkey. I wonder how long they will have that as a pet.

Meanwhile, in Haley land, everything is perfect. It is hard to hate on Haley even though she managed to somehow cook enough food for about 10 extra guests. She is just so calm and forgiving and wise. Do you think if I get the bigger side of the wishbone, I could wish me a Haley? I think I could use one of those. Of course everyone ends up at Haley’s house where all are welcome including Victoria. You would think there would be a limit to forgiveness. Also, Victoria and Sylvia bonding is definitely not a good idea.

My favorite part of this episode was the football game. It felt so Thanksgiving like and it was good to see the interaction, from Mouth stopping to congratulate Millie on catching the ball even though they weren’t on the same team, to the constant fighting of Mia and Alex. I think Alex won that round with the arm chop maneuver even if she did end up with a black eye. I also loved when Mia and Alex were fighting over the pie to take to Chase and Julian wondered why they were fighting over a pie. When told it was really about Chase, he asked incredulously “Really?” which led Haley to agree with a “I know, right? It made more sense when it was the pie.” Good thing Julian showed them that video over who Chase “chose.” I just want that entire storyline to end.

This episode of One Tree Hill did leave me with some questions:

Who would keep a bar open for an entire day when they do not get one customer (or at least not one they know about)?

Why is Victoria out of prison so early?

Why is Quinn stalking creepy girl? Does she really think she can kill her?

Since when do you need a college degree to be an agent? Is that a sports thing?

Why is Skills always hitting on older women?

Why would anyone think “stuffing” is a good margarita flavor?

What did you think of this episode of One Tree Hill? Yay or nay? Do you have any answers for me? Questions of your own that you have been pondering? Hopefully they kick it up for sweeps time, especially if the show is hoping for another season. I am not ready to let this family go just yet. Share your thougths, questions and hopes in the comment section below.

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