NCIS “Enemies Foreign” Review

NCIS (CBS) Enemies Foreign

NCIS “Enemies Foreign” Season 8 Episode 8 – First off I have to say that I really liked how this episode started, with the team coming out of nowhere to make an arrest and us having no clue why. It wasn’t their usual M. O. and was a nice place to start the story since this wasn’t exactly your run-of-the-mill episode.

It seems like nearly everyone on Team Gibbs has got some major daddy issues, including Gibbs himself. After reconciling with his own father in the past year or so, he then moved on to helped Tony with his dad in last week’s episode. This week it was Ziva’s turn, though those two didn’t exactly work things out before the show ended in a huge cliffhanger. His explanation of why he left her to die in the desert didn’t exactly do much to make her feel better and who can blame her? He couldn’t allow his feelings to get in the way? Really? Sorry but you’re supposed to let your feelings get in the way when you’re a father.

Overall I felt just a tiny bit confused by the end of the episode as there was a lot going on – Ziva not only dealing with her father but also seeing the new woman on her old team and obviously having some jealousy issues there, Vance’s super-secret meeting and wondering exactly what that was all about. I feel like I need to watch it again to get it all straight.

Then again, this being a two-parter it could be that we’ll get all the answers next week so I’m holding out until then to see what happens.

My favorite bits…

This line from Ziva and how she delivered it so innocently: “If someone wants something out of your pants, they should have to use their hands”.

The way Tony said “Oh goodie, the Israelis are back.”. You can’t really blame him, he has had some pretty bad experiences with them.

Ziva getting a chance to correct someone else’s misuse of an American idiom.

Liat telling Ziva that her “measuring contest” would be more at home in a men’s room. LOL, I liked that.

Ducky pointing out “pirates do like rum”.

Wondering what Gibbs wrote in his note to Abby.

Seeing Mark Harmon reunited with Michael O’Neill, who played his boss on The West Wing.

The mini war game with Ziva playing her father, Gibbs her bodyguard and everyone else playing assassins.

Gibbs asking who got jealous in Fast Times at Ridgmeont High and admitting to a crush on Phoebe Cates. Ha! Guess Tony’s not the only one who knows 80’s movies.

Admiring, as always, how much food Gibbs could stuff in his mouth and still speak clearly.

McGee having a bunch of Wile E. Coyote facts at his fingertips.

Abby’s experience with a deer-blind teaching her not to open the suspicious looking buckets they found in the stolen car. Eeew.

Abby once again trying to convince someone to reconcile with their father, since she won’t get that chance. You know, this is really making me wonder what happened between Abby and her dad.

Gibbs agreeing with the assassin that Eli David was an “awful son of a bitch” but he still wasn’t going to let them murder him.

Eli’s fascination with peanut butter filled pretzels.

Eli recognizing the same look on Ziva’s face as the one she had when refused a pony as a little girl.

Freaking when McGee found that huge gun and it kept tracking his every move until Malachi turned it off. Whew.

Finding out that Ziva learned to drive from her mother. LOL.

Jumping twice in less than 30 seconds – first when Ziva shot the guy and his gun blew up the cab and then again when the guy jumped up and started shooting at Tony and Ziva.

Feeling quite sad to see Hadar dead (if he is dead). I totally liked that character.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? What do you think happened in the explosion? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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