CHUCK “Chuck Versus the Fear of Death” Review

Chuck vs. the Fear of Death (NBC)

CHUCK “Chuck Versus the Fear of Death” Season 4 Episode 8 – The CIA recruits Agent Rye to try and coerce Chuck into getting his flashes back. Over at the Buy More, Jeff and Lester have their hands full with a new Greta and a Subway sub. It was easily the worst episode of the series so far, which is unfortunate since it ended so strongly.

Agent Rye was a joke the entire way through: the notion of literally scaring the intersect back to work was ludicrous. I suppose it could have been funny, but it was not what it could have been. There was never a single moment whilst Rye lived that Chuck was in any concievable amount of danger, and the notion that to become a spy he would have to relinquish his love for Sarah has been done 50, 000 times before.

Things started to get interesting only in the last three minutes, as Agent Rye is killed and Chuck is kidnapped by some nefarious foreign dude who looks set for causing pain. The way that was directed, with the mellow music and the true fear in Chuck and Sarah, was excellent, sapping out the humor immediately and for the first time making it look like Chuck had something to fear at last.

Summer Glau guest starred this episode. Unfortunately, her role was one of the useless and annoying Gretas. Greta this week got stalked in an unfunny way by Jefster, so after threatening to cut them, she is sort of fired. Glau deserved so much more.

My favorite part of the episode was Casey unexpectedly opening up to Alex about his fears of being separated from the team he’s grown to love.

Overall however, it was one of my least favorite episodes of Chuck, but at least it ended with a very good cliff hanger for a promising episode next week.

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