CASTLE “Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind” Review

CASLTE (ABC) Close Enounters of the Murderous Kind

CASTLE “Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind” Season 3 Episode 9 – This episode was so much fun! Possible alien abductions, some great guest stars, Castle meeting up with Alexis’ boyfriend’s parents, and so many X-Files (not to mention Firefly) nods that I found it hard to keep track of them all. Oh show, you must love us fans to give us an episode like this.

Plus I don’t think it will ever get old listening to Castle argue some wacky theory while Beckett tries to find a logical explanation. As always, she was right and he was wrong but she also had at least a few moments where she had her doubts, which was fun to watch.

Finally, the only thing I ever thought could make this show better was seeing more of Ryan and Esposito and now it’s more like a team rather than just Castle and Beckett doing all the crime solving.

To sum up, that means I loved this episode and I’m loving the series overall too. Hats off to everyone involved with it, they’re obviously having as much fun making it as we are watching it. Tonight’s episode proved that to me, without a doubt.

My favorite bits…

Castle turning down Martha’s offer to cook dinner for Ashley’s family because they wanted to impress them. LOL.

Castle whistling the theme to the X-Files. I had a cockatiel that used to do that, probably because I watched the show all the time.

Esposito trying to intimidate Marie’s ex-boyfriend by sitting down next to him and glaring.

The way Castle said the word “probed”, putting his old body into it.

Beckett telling Castle that Ahsley’s parent would totally like him.. as long as he didn’t act like himself.

Lance Henrisken playing Stryker, the leader of an alien abduction support group. Talk about perfect casting. LOL.

Cstle coughing “Men In Black”. Subtle Castle, very subtle.

This line from Castle: “I’m not asking you to die your hair red and call me Mulder”. LOL!

The car stalling right after Beckett said the truth was out there… *begins whistling theme to the X-Files

OMG Beckett’s been kidnapped by Lyle Lovett! WTF?

Castle asking if this was the part where they were going to bring out the Nazi with the old dentist drill. Anyone else have thoughts of a certain episode of Firefly with a little German torturer in it?

Esposito and Ryan asking if the marks on Castle and Beckett’s necks were hickeys. *giggle*

The look on Castle’s face when Beckett took the disk from him and said “Please, let’s just stick it in and get it over with”. Ha! I bet his poor little mind was reeling with things he could say to that. I know mine was.

Beckett talking into the box of bugs and getting an immediate response. That was awesome.

Castle claiming that while the media may not report their story, he knew of a bunch of bloggers who would as well as his half-million followers on Twitter. Teehee!

Cracking up when Castle pointed out the “cigarette smoking man” on the camera. Another X-Files reference, nice.

Castle speaking Chinese and claiming he learned it from a tv show he used to love. ROTFLMAO!! Nice Firefly reference, too.

Ryan’s amazing flying tackle! Wow, he can really fly! So cool and I think I felt my mini crush grow for him right then.

Castle’s “ew!” when he realized the “cyanide capsule” was really a piece of gum. LOL!

Beckett and Castle walking off into the light.

What did you think of this episode of Castle? Did you catch any movie or tv references in it that I missed? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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